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Posted at 03:21 PM ET, 04/05/2014

Why the Mike Trout contract ruffled feathers in MLB

The Angels’ young star made a good deal for his family and his team, but in baseball one contract affects the next.

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Posted at 07:29 AM ET, 03/29/2014

As 2014 MLB season opens, there’s more than the usual comings and goings

Not only will rule changes alter the game, a few iconic characters are on their way out.

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Posted at 09:27 AM ET, 09/28/2013

AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout?

As we hand out our awards for the 2013 season, the same two men come with the two best seasons and virtually the same arguments behind them.

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Posted at 03:26 PM ET, 09/20/2013

Jason Heyward returns to top of Atlanta Braves order

The team’s unorthodox but successful arrangement at leadoff returns just in time for the MLB playoffs.

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Posted at 01:31 PM ET, 09/06/2013

Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers’ stunning turnaround

The Dodgers are having one of the best second-half runs of all-time and look very much like a favorite for the World Series.

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Posted at 07:33 AM ET, 08/17/2013

American League surprise teams, good and bad, of the 2013 season

With six weekes left in the regular season, it's not too early too to pick out some teams who have exceeded expectations -- or fell short of them.

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Posted at 04:14 PM ET, 08/09/2013

The least valuable players of 2013

Veteran infielder Jeff Keppinger leads the pack of players allowed to remain in the lineup, day in and day out, despite hitting terribly.

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Posted at 03:40 PM ET, 08/02/2013

NL East has been MLB's least in 2013

The NL East has been baseball's worst division this season by just about any measure.

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Posted at 09:20 AM ET, 07/27/2013

When Alfonso Soriano was a National

Seven years later, Soriano's single season in Washington in which he hit 46 homers and stole 41 bases remains a fleeting memory.

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Posted at 03:48 PM ET, 07/20/2013

MLB's four worst teams of the first half of 2013

You know about the best teams in baseball. This week let's shine unflattering light on the worst.

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Posted at 04:06 PM ET, 07/13/2013

2013 MLB All-Star Game: Stuck with the middle

Should lesser-known AL relievers really have a place in the MLB All-Star game?

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Posted at 02:11 PM ET, 07/06/2013

Homer Bailey has unusual place among pitchers with multiple no-hitters

Sorting through the pitchers who have thrown multiple no-hitters since World War II, an exclusive clbu most recently joined by the Reds' Homer Bailey.

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Posted at 05:17 PM ET, 06/29/2013

Marlon Byrd leads best bargain signings in MLB

The budget-busting free agent signings take spotlight in the winter, but the offseason steals are becoming clear as we approach the season's halfway point.

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Posted at 01:46 PM ET, 06/21/2013

Yasiel Puig should be an all-star, despite the small sample size

The Dodgers rookie is inarguably one of the game's most intriguing players.

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Posted at 03:01 PM ET, 06/07/2013

MLB draft: Even with high picks, best to temper expectations

Just two of the seven top overall selections between 2002-08 have become all-stars.

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Posted at 01:17 PM ET, 05/24/2013

Biggest disappointments of 2013 MLB season so far

A look at what's gone wrong for three teams who haven't reached high expectations more than a quarter through the season.

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Posted at 04:21 PM ET, 05/18/2013

Justin Verlander vs. Yu Darvish isn't only top pitching matchup to fall short of hype

Thursday's matchup of Justin Verlander and Yu Darvish failed to meet expectations, but satisfying duels between top pitchers are rare.

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Posted at 10:47 AM ET, 05/10/2013

Happ injury reignites discussion about head protection for pitchers

The discussion has been renewed thanks to recent injuries, but there is no consensus as to what might work.

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Posted at 02:22 PM ET, 05/03/2013

A month into baseball season, picking out the potential frauds

A month into the baseball season, some teams are off to a good start. Which ones are for real?

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