The Plum Line: Gay marriage

Posted at 10:09 AM ET, 06/28/2013

The GOP's ongoing lack of interest in reform

Looks like the GOP doesn't care

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Posted at 12:42 PM ET, 03/18/2013

Why Hillary's support for gay marriage matters, a lot

Every little act that sends a message that the culture is changing is important, particularly with those Supreme Court cases looming.

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Posted at 01:40 PM ET, 12/10/2012

Why Obama must weigh in again on gay marriage

Obama needs to clarify that he believes the right gay marriage is protected by the constitution -- and to prepare the public to accept this idea, too.

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Posted at 09:09 AM ET, 12/10/2012

The Morning Plum: National Dems not giving up on Michigan "right to work" fight

Top Michigan Democrats are meeting with Governor Rick Snyder to urge him to find a way out of the impasse, rather than further divide the state.

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Posted at 06:03 PM ET, 12/07/2012

Why SCOTUS hearing gay marriage cases is such a big deal

The outcomes could set the overall Constitutional boundaries on gay marriage for a generation or more.

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