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Posted at 01:12 PM ET, 07/12/2012

Penn State’s Freeh report highlights leadership failings of university’s board of trustees

The report has pretty searing stuff to say about the group of people who hired Freeh to do the investigation.

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Posted at 02:01 PM ET, 06/20/2012

The lone vote: A look at University of Virginia board member W. Heywood Fralin

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, when the University of Virginia’s board finally named Teresa Sullivan’s interim successor, only one person voted against him.

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Posted at 03:47 PM ET, 06/19/2012

University of Virginia’s difficult leadership transition

The leadership turmoil on display at the University of Virginia over the past week feels like something out of a Greek drama.

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Posted at 01:39 PM ET, 06/11/2012

Was University of Virginia president Teresa Sullivan paid too much?

To what extent are the leaders of public universities really compensated for academic excellence?

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Posted at 10:34 AM ET, 05/22/2012

The best graduation speeches? You won’t even remember

As much as people like to complain about tiresome graduation speeches, what’s said probably doesn’t matter very much in the end.

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Posted at 12:15 PM ET, 03/12/2012

Khan Academy, TED-Ed and the new leaders in education reform

Kahn Academy and Ted-Ed are just two recent examples of how educational reform will come from leaders outside the system.

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Posted at 10:29 AM ET, 02/23/2012

After cheating scandal, a new era in Atlanta Public Schools’ leadership

Acts of kindness, accessibility and humility are critical factors in setting the tone for a place where corruption has been pervasive and where trust has been broken.

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