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Posted at 12:12 PM ET, 09/25/2013

Introducing the Erik Wemple Blog, Fox Nation contributor!

Fox Nation Web site apparently liked a post on this blog -- a lot.

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Posted at 10:27 AM ET, 02/21/2013 big shot Julie Moos to McClatchy

The journalism nonprofit is losing its online director, Julie Moos, who braved a storm over the ethics of Jim Romenesko.

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Posted at 11:51 AM ET, 09/14/2012

All Lehrer content must be Ghostbustered

How the Web should handle plagiarism and others deeds of journalistic malpractice.

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Posted at 07:47 AM ET, 07/20/2012

Media news derivatives: July 20

A roundup of media stories for July 20.

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Posted at 06:13 PM ET, 06/26/2012

Wall Street Journal intern busted for quote-fabrication

Intern for Wall Street Journal fabricated quotes for story

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Posted at 08:45 AM ET, 06/14/2012

Media news derivatives: June 14

A roundup of media stories for June 14

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Posted at 08:14 AM ET, 06/07/2012

Media news derivatives: June 7

A roundup of media stories for June 7.

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Posted at 08:15 AM ET, 06/04/2012

Media news derivatives: June 4

A summary of media stories for June 4.

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Posted at 07:59 AM ET, 05/31/2012

Media news derivatives: May 31

A roundup of media stories for May 31.

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Posted at 08:20 AM ET, 05/22/2012

News media derivatives: May 22

A roundup of media stories for May 22.

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Posted at 06:58 AM ET, 05/16/2012

Media news derivatives: May 16

A summary of media stories for May 16

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Posted at 08:09 AM ET, 05/14/2012

Media news derivatives: May 14

A roundup of media stories for May 14.

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Posted at 01:36 PM ET, 05/10/2012

Is WaPo Romney story ‘fair game’?

New York Times says WaPo story raises ‘questions’ about candidate biography.

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Posted at 07:49 AM ET, 04/24/2012

Media news derivatives: April 24

What’s going on in the media?

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Posted at 04:51 PM ET, 04/23/2012

Michael Moore indicts Fox News

Michael Moore talks trash about Fox.

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