PostPartisan: Marco Rubio

Posted at 01:32 PM ET, 03/28/2014

The power of words

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Posted at 03:46 PM ET, 01/13/2014

Marco Rubio, marriage and LGBT families

In his poverty speech, his comments on marriage were notable for what he didn’t say.

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Posted at 09:49 PM ET, 01/08/2014

The Insiders: Emphasizing poverty is not a winning strategy for the GOP

Republican efforts to take on poverty play right into Democrats’ hands.

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Posted at 05:37 PM ET, 08/15/2013

Reading invisible tea leaves

The 2016 nomination contests are underway, which means it's time to start separating what's real from the hype.

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Posted at 06:13 PM ET, 05/02/2013

When U.S. politics works right

You may be sick of presidential politics -- but the system needs it.

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Posted at 11:34 AM ET, 04/15/2013

The Insiders: Rubio Rising

In his seven TV appearances yesterday, Marco Rubio proved that he is one of the most valuable players in the debate over immigration reform.

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Posted at 02:31 PM ET, 02/20/2013

Calling out Republican politicians

The policy gap between the parties, and whether Republicans will do something about it.

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Posted at 11:55 PM ET, 02/12/2013

A visual statement of progress, followed by the same old story

How remarkable that an African American and the child of Cuban immigrants would bring us the state of the union.

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Posted at 09:09 AM ET, 02/12/2013

A tale of two State of the Union speeches

President Obama won't have much to say in his speech, but Sen. Marco Rubio needs to be careful in his.

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Posted at 12:58 PM ET, 12/06/2012

Jim DeMint is done

He sure made his mark in just eight years in the U.S. Senate.

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