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Posted at 11:15 PM ET, 09/04/2012

Democrats appeal to women, Latinos, young people on first night

First lady Michelle Obama declared Tuesday that her husband’s record in office has proven his values, his vision and his courage, as the Democrats opened their convention here with a wide-ranging appeal to the diverse constituencies and interests they must bring out in force to re-elect the president.

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Posted at 02:44 PM ET, 09/03/2012

Michael Steele has a fan in Charlotte

Short summary of story

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Posted at 06:46 PM ET, 08/25/2012

Republicans cancel Monday convention events

The Republican National Committee released a statement late today saying that due to concerns related to Tropical Storm Isaac, Monday events in Tampa are canceled.

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Posted at 10:46 AM ET, 05/04/2012

The big impact of Ron Paul’s small wins (Friday’s Trail Mix video)

Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-Tex.) efforts to win over delegates may have a noticeable effect on the Republican National Convention.

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