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Posted at 10:00 PM ET, 01/31/2012

Florida Republican primary liveblog: Mitt Romney wins Florida

The latest updates on today’s Florida GOP presidential primary: Florida is Romney Country — big time.

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Posted at 03:17 PM ET, 01/31/2012

Florida GOP primary: What to watch for in the exit polls

The Post polling team has the details on what to keep your eye on tonight.

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Posted at 11:58 AM ET, 01/28/2012

John Voight, John McCain stump for Romney

With John McCain and actor Jon Voight pumping up the crowd, the candidate promises to “take back the White House.”

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Posted at 02:21 PM ET, 01/27/2012

Newt Gingrich: I’m shocked by Mitt Romney’s ‘total dishonesty’

Newt Gingrich called Mitt Romney’s comments at last night’s debate “the most blatantly dishonest performance by a presidential candidate I’ve ever seen,”

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