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Posted at 10:35 AM ET, 03/10/2014

Senate Democrats plan all-nighter tonight for climate change

It’s been in the works for months and will include some of the chamber’s most liberal members.

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Posted at 03:39 PM ET, 02/11/2014

On debt limit, Reid credits Boehner for ‘doing the right thing’

Reid praises Republican House leadership for bringing forward “clean” debt bill.

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Posted at 10:11 PM ET, 03/02/2013

Sen. Mitch McConnell slams liberal group for tweet about his wife's ethnicity

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked a Democratic super PAC on Saturday night for sending tweets mocking the ethnicity of his wife, Elaine Chao.

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Posted at 03:40 PM ET, 02/26/2013

Reid says it's the House sitting on 'posterior'

Sequester debate comes to this: an argument about who is sitting on their butts.

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Posted at 01:56 PM ET, 01/01/2013

77 percent will pay more in 2013 under deal

Average American would pay $680 more in taxes under deal

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