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Posted at 08:52 AM ET, 02/13/2013

Will the next pope in a new world change the Catholic Church?

The next pope will take over the Catholic Church in a political world with dissenting voices, and try to satisfy those who would be faithful but not silent.

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Posted at 04:33 PM ET, 09/07/2012

Trial switch of bishop guilty of protecting priest was PR move to help the church, critic says

It was a brilliant PR move to change the trial of Catholic Bishop Robert Finn so that he would avoid a long jury trial on counts of failure to report suspicions of child sex abuse.

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Posted at 04:30 PM ET, 05/22/2012

Catholic suit against Obama birth control rules: Both sides are wrong

Both the Catholic institutions suing the Obama administration over birth control insurance coverage rules and the White House have some valid points. They need to talk.

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Posted at 12:46 PM ET, 02/29/2012

The Politics of Communion: Why was Barbara Johnson turned away?

Second on the list of sins that can stand between a Catholic and Communion is a lapse referred to as “harboring deliberate hatred of others.”

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Posted at 03:00 PM ET, 02/13/2012

Catholic Church, please be quiet

If I wanted to hear what you have to say, I’d still be going to church.

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Posted at 04:34 PM ET, 02/07/2012

Priest out for praying wrong

Father Bill Rowe, pastor of St. Mary’s Church in Mount Carmel, Illinois, has been forced out for praying in his own words rather than reading from the Roman Missal.

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