She The People: Chris Christie

Posted at 01:46 PM ET, 11/08/2013

Time magazine’s fat obsession misses the point

The weight problems of Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey are well know. Can we please move on?

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Posted at 08:56 AM ET, 08/29/2012

Parsing the 'American way' in a night of contradictions at the RNC

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Posted at 09:55 AM ET, 07/09/2012

Chris Christie: What you see is...yup, what we got

Americans want political figures who speak their minds, and he does just that.

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Posted at 07:43 PM ET, 02/22/2012

Chris Christie White House fat jokes on rise again

The Chris Christie girth control watch and fat jokes have returned to TV amid chatter about a brokered Republican nominating convention.

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