She The People: Hillary Clinton

Posted at 08:58 PM ET, 09/25/2012

Kerry rebuts Romney, suggests funding cuts may have contributed to killings in Benghazi

SHE THE PEOPLE | The senator talks about security cuts and his role as Romney in debate prep.

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Posted at 09:06 PM ET, 09/13/2012

Hillary Clinton speaks out for the same American values upheld in retracted embassy statement

The only weakness we showed was in retracting a statement we should all be proud of.

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Posted at 09:46 PM ET, 09/10/2012

‘The Talk’ goes bare

Going without makeup sounds like a great gimmick for the season opener of "The Talk," but the women's nervousness about their appearance fails to prove their message of empowerment.

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Posted at 03:31 PM ET, 09/10/2012

Joe Biden courts the biker vote, and the evidence goes viral

SHE THE PEOPLE | What the viral photo of the veep with a bandana-wearing biker means for his ticket.

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Posted at 05:03 PM ET, 09/06/2012

John Sununu questions cost of Michelle Obama’s dress

He’s questioned that the Tracy Reese dress that first lady Michelle Obama wore for her Tuesday night speech in Charlotte cost only $350.

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Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 09/06/2012

Bill Clinton's electrifying speech and the public's reaction prove his rock star status

Bill Clinton transitioned from political rock star to legendary supernova in forty-eight electrifying minutes on Wednesday night.

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Posted at 08:19 AM ET, 07/30/2012

Bill Clinton setting the stage for Obama at convention makes perfect sense

SHE THE PEOPLE | It makes perfect sense. And boy does Clinton love to be the go-to guy.

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Posted at 06:39 PM ET, 07/27/2012

Three teen girls petition for female moderator for presidential debate

N.J. girls want the Commission on Presidential Debates to appoint a woman moderator for one of three 2012 U.S. presidential debates.

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Posted at 09:07 AM ET, 07/20/2012

Amelia Earhart: What happened?

Amelia Earhart gripped the public's imagination, but she wasn't the only female pilot taking on the skies in the early 20th century.

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Posted at 03:32 PM ET, 07/19/2012

John McCain hasn’t slowed Michele Bachmann, who stands to benefit from accusations

Congresswoman’s claims that Clinton aide Huma Abedin has terror ties is the kind of hot rhetoric that keeps her coffers filled.

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Posted at 11:54 AM ET, 07/19/2012

Arkansas exhibit highlights Bill and Hillary Clinton's mothers

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Posted at 04:51 PM ET, 07/16/2012

Hillary Clinton in Egypt, pelted with tomatoes and taunts of ‘Monica!’

And that only makes her supporters love her more.

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Posted at 10:01 AM ET, 07/16/2012

'Political Animals' too close to home in Arkansas

This show is all about a scorned, smart former first lady as a glam puss secretary of state who as my mother said is “one mean motor scooter.”

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Posted at 12:31 AM ET, 07/16/2012

‘Political Animals’: The revenge of Hillaryland

Even as poli sci-fi, I’m not sure I can handle a Clintonesque former president who looks this much like a dissolute Al Gore.

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Posted at 12:07 AM ET, 07/16/2012

In ‘Political Animals,’ why must the ex-president hail from North Carolina?

Hasn’t my home state had enough with John Edwards?

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Posted at 11:42 AM ET, 07/05/2012

Ann Romney, Michelle Obama face off over cookies

In fact, the competition is the (edible) Ohio of presidential politics; every winner of the contest has gone on to live in the White House except one.

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Posted at 10:38 PM ET, 06/27/2012

New York's Wendy Long Faces Kirsten Gillibrand in Two-Woman Senate Contest

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Posted at 09:35 AM ET, 06/13/2012

Ambassador Anna Wintour?

No wonder the 62-year-old Vogue editor-in-chief is hosting glittery events for Barack Obama.

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Posted at 12:42 AM ET, 06/06/2012

Bill Clinton's ego could cost Obama in November

Democrats want to see a unified front on the campaign trail. And that’s hard to get when he’s involved.

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Posted at 02:59 PM ET, 05/24/2012

Biggest loser: Cheating as a newlywed, or on a spouse dying of cancer?

Is he the worst offender among the fraternity of rogue political husbands?

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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 05/20/2012

Cher and Grover Norquist in Twitter warfare

Cher often mixes politics into her tweets, and that doesn’t sit so well with Norquist.

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Posted at 11:52 AM ET, 05/17/2012

Mitt Romney playing with fire by summoning Bill Clinton

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Posted at 09:11 AM ET, 05/16/2012

Feminist icon Germaine Greer: Aussie PM Julia Gillard has ‘big arse’ and bad jackets

So how is that different from Rush ripping Hillary’s looks — or saying STP’s Melinda Henneberger proves feminism was created ‘to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream’?

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Posted at 11:24 AM ET, 05/12/2012

Bill Clinton's desire for Washington knows no bounds

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Posted at 10:58 AM ET, 05/08/2012

Hillary Clinton, barefaced and bespectacled, is a refreshing image in politics

SHE THE PEOPLE | Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, barefaced and bespectacled in Dhaka, is a refreshing image in politics.

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Posted at 04:33 PM ET, 05/07/2012

Hey, Paul Ryan, you should have embraced your meme

The meme is the new sound bite. And it’s a blown political opportunity not to use it.

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Posted at 01:53 PM ET, 05/04/2012

Chen Guangcheng’s fate: Why should we trust China to keep its word?

If the Chinese have already broken their word, why would they keep it once Hillary Clinton’s plane is out of sight?

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 04/27/2012

Rush Limbaugh’s insults demonstrate his fear of Hillary Clinton

Radio host recycles old jokes about chief U.S. diplomat, dismissing her with: “all she is is a secretary.”

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Posted at 06:37 PM ET, 04/25/2012

Will Obama owe Bill and Hillary Clinton's popularity for a 2016 win?

In the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating stands at 65 percent. It’s the highest for her in the poll’s history.

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Posted at 01:27 PM ET, 04/21/2012

What American women could learn from Pussy Riot, a Russian punk rock girl band

An American version of Pussy Riot could protest at Ted Nugent concerts and write lyrics about Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher and the Secret Service.

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Posted at 08:04 AM ET, 04/18/2012

Mitt Romney should denounce Ted Nugent, for women's sake

SHE THE PEOPLE | The rock star’s misogynistic comments and open support are a challenge and an opportunity for Mitt Romney.

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Posted at 04:21 PM ET, 04/12/2012

Hillary Clinton is finally hip, thanks to a meme

“Texts From Hillary” was fun while it lasted. The founder abandoned their viral sensation just one week after creating the meme.

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Posted at 09:35 AM ET, 04/09/2012

Bill Clinton but no Hillary at DNC in Charlotte

Bill without Hill? That’s the plan for the first week in September in Charlotte, when Democrats hold their 2012 convention.

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Posted at 11:37 AM ET, 03/25/2012

Why women don’t run for political office

SHE THE PEOPLE | Are women less willing to endure — and dish out — personal attacks?

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Posted at 02:17 PM ET, 03/21/2012

Bill — and Hillary! — Clinton land Arkansas airport dedication

The Little Rock Airport Commission took Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign mantra “two for the price of one” literally today.

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Posted at 09:44 AM ET, 02/16/2012

Some Arkansas Dems still waiting for Clinton’s ‘thank you’

“Clinton involved thousands of people in Arkansas, including a lot of women in Democratic groups, in his lie” about Monica Lewinsky, one Democrat says, and not everyone is over it even now.

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Posted at 07:43 AM ET, 02/13/2012

Albright on Obama’s foreign policy: ‘Osama bin Laden is still dead’

On Hillary Rodham Clinton’s retirement plans: “One has to take even people you don’t know well at their word, and if somebody’s a good friend then you owe them that.”

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Posted at 02:12 PM ET, 01/31/2012

Newt Gingrich: Against racial dog whistles before he was for them

Back in 1988, he had some excellent advice for his party.

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Posted at 06:45 PM ET, 01/25/2012

Stop the tresses: Hillary’s headband is back!

Disclosure: I love headbands, and I want that headband.

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