She The People: Olympics

Posted at 11:10 AM ET, 08/23/2012

Prince Harry: Poster boy for the millennial generation

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Posted at 10:14 AM ET, 08/14/2012

Michelle Obama shares Leno stage and conversation with Gabby Douglas

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Posted at 04:58 PM ET, 08/06/2012

Gabrielle Douglas, Joanna Rowsell — Olympian hair power

Will we ever completely stop caring about women's hair?

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Posted at 02:56 PM ET, 08/03/2012

Gold goes to woman who fights back

Don’t call Kayla Harrison’s gold medal in Judo glory. Call it guts. Call it justice.

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Posted at 05:48 PM ET, 08/01/2012

Michael Phelps, just a Baltimore guy who loves his mom

Phelps is so Baltimore – Towson, Md., counts -- and I love it.

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Posted at 06:39 PM ET, 07/29/2012

At the Olympics, proud of the U.S. and the U.K.

I belted out the national anthem with so much enthusiasm that my eight year-old daughter actually asked me to quiet down.

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Posted at 02:55 PM ET, 06/04/2012

Confessions of an Arkansas anglophile on Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee

The jubilee makes me regret that the United States doesn’t have a royal family to offer us national cohesion and tradition.

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Posted at 02:06 PM ET, 05/16/2012

Olympics and women boxers – cause for celebration or alarm?

For the first time in the Olympics, women’s boxing will take its place as a medal event, with female gladiators fighting for dominance.

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