She The People: Sarah Palin

Posted at 02:12 PM ET, 09/12/2012

Sarah Palin gives Mitt Romney some advice

Sarah Palin has a way of reappearing right when she’s starting to be missed.

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Posted at 08:54 PM ET, 08/24/2012

Todd Akin: The GOP's Thorn In Tampa

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Posted at 05:54 PM ET, 08/22/2012

Sarah Palin: Steelman can beat McCaskill

Sarah Palin won't give up on Sarah Steelman, who lost to Rep. Todd Akin in the GOP primary.

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Posted at 10:46 AM ET, 08/10/2012

Romney needs some Rubio pizzazz

The Florida senator has charisma, gravitas, and he's Hispanic — and he'd be a bold choice as a Romney running mate.

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Posted at 12:23 PM ET, 08/08/2012

Sarah Palin: Her batting average is still pretty high

All in all, however, I would argue that Palin is having a pretty good season. She has shown a knack for the long shot.

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 08/06/2012

Sarah Palin: Mama grizzlies united

Sarah Palin gives mixed impressions in campaign visit to Missouri: She's more celebrity than statesman.

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Posted at 04:05 PM ET, 08/02/2012

The lesson of the Ted Cruz victory

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Posted at 07:09 PM ET, 07/29/2012

Dick Cheney, Russell Brand talk down Sarah Palin — and she’s partly to blame

She should have hit the books and shown she could be a lot more than a pretty face.

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Posted at 07:54 PM ET, 07/27/2012

Bristol Palin brings politics back to 'Dancing With the Stars'

Will her presence boost the ABC reality dancing show during a controversial political season?

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Posted at 06:39 PM ET, 07/27/2012

Three teen girls petition for female moderator for presidential debate

N.J. girls want the Commission on Presidential Debates to appoint a woman moderator for one of three 2012 U.S. presidential debates.

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Posted at 11:39 AM ET, 07/26/2012

Palin, Santorum, DeMint stump for Ted Cruz in Texas GOP primary

GOP rock stars are flocking to Texas this week to stoke the red-state base.

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Posted at 07:35 PM ET, 07/16/2012

Sarah Palin’s convention dare

Don’t you want this woman inside the tent, GOP?

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Posted at 01:16 PM ET, 07/13/2012

Condoleezza Rice: Let the abortion backlash begin

A brilliant, black woman from the South who has worked in two presidential administrations – what’s not to like? Well, if you’re a die-hard conservative, her pro-choice stance.

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Posted at 01:51 PM ET, 07/11/2012

Did Bob Kerrey's wife sabotage his Senate campaign by dissing Nebraska?

SHE THE PEOPLE | Such frankness is so rare in politics it’s hard to know whether to cheer or cringe.

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Posted at 09:55 AM ET, 07/09/2012

Chris Christie: What you see is...yup, what we got

Americans want political figures who speak their minds, and he does just that.

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Posted at 01:36 PM ET, 06/20/2012

Life's not a Tripp, it's a journey

Dear Bristol: You deserve praise, but now there is something you need to do.  Honey, bundle up your baby and get him off TV. 

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Posted at 11:24 AM ET, 05/18/2012

Will Sarah Palin continue string of successful endorsements this year?

Palin looks to continue her string of successful, last-minute endorsements with nod in Texas Senate race

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Posted at 04:20 PM ET, 04/03/2012

Sarah Palin v. Katie Couric: ‘Game on’ and game over

“Anybody but Obama,” she said more than once. But was anyone listening?

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Posted at 12:24 PM ET, 03/29/2012

Arlen Specter's dirty old man routine should inspire women

Mr. Specter, keep the dirty talk going about Palin and women. Maybe once again you’ll inspire women to return to the political trenches.

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Posted at 11:37 AM ET, 03/25/2012

Why women don’t run for political office

SHE THE PEOPLE | Are women less willing to endure — and dish out — personal attacks?

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Posted at 12:19 PM ET, 03/23/2012

Why not phone Bristol Palin, Mr. President?

“Ever since you called Sandra Fluke after Rush Limbaugh called her a slut, I figured I might be next,” Palin writes.

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Posted at 06:36 PM ET, 03/13/2012

‘Game Change’ and the optics of optics

To me, a movie based on a book drawn from a campaign built on an illusion dilutes authenticity a bit too much. 

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Posted at 01:19 PM ET, 02/26/2012

Will another politico join DWTS?

One of my favorite voting events of the year is coming up, and I'm not talking about Super Tuesday.

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Posted at 01:56 PM ET, 02/12/2012

CPAC 2012: Sarah Palin, motivator-in-chief

SHE THE PEOPLE | At the CPAC convention, the former vice presidential candidate had the audience enraptured as she fired off a year’s worth of sarcastic one-liners at “Professor Obama.”

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Posted at 10:38 AM ET, 01/31/2012

Santorum and the bulletproof glass ceiling: Would we be as understanding of a mom?

We know the answer, actually. Sarah Palin found out the hard way three years ago, after having her “priorities” eviscerated, mostly by other women.

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