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Posted at 03:03 PM ET, 04/23/2012

National Gallery of Art extends hours for Ito Jakuchu paintings’ final weekend

The National Gallery of Art extends hours for “Colorful Realm: Japanese Bird-and-Flower Paintings by Ito Jakuchu” during its final weekend.

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Posted at 05:09 PM ET, 04/05/2012

National Gallery adds Simon Hantai painting and more Warhol

The National Gallery of Art has added its first painting by Simon Hantai, the reclusive abstract artist.

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Posted at 02:11 PM ET, 04/04/2012

Elizabeth Catlett: a source of inspiration and distinctive art

The inspirational sculptor who died Monday in Mexico, had many links to Washington and returned many times to unveil work, mentor students and share her life-stories.

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Posted at 07:00 PM ET, 03/15/2012

National Gallery of Art opens collections online

The National Gallery of Art has developed a new online resource called NGA Images that allows anybody to download more than 20,000 images.

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Posted at 11:01 AM ET, 02/29/2012

Eleanor Callahan, photographic muse for Harry Callahan, dies at 95

The photographic muse for Harry Callahan dies at 95

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Posted at 11:06 AM ET, 02/14/2012

President Obama requests $857 million for the Smithsonian

In the fiscal 2013 federal budget request, the Smithsonian Institution is requesting funds for the old and the new.

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 01/25/2011

Work on East Building to begin in March

As planned, the National Gallery of Art will begin removing and reinstalling the 33-year-old veneer of the East Building in March. The East Building, the landmark design of esteemed architect I. M. Pei, will remain open during the three-year project.When...

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Posted at 12:01 AM ET, 11/12/2010

National Gallery Gets a Gift of Decorative Arts

Although the National Gallery of Art is not the usual destination for decorative arts, a gift of important American furniture will likely change that notion in the next few years. The Gallery announced Friday that George M. and Linda H....

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