The Answer Sheet: discipline

Posted at 12:16 PM ET, 04/13/2014

Where kids get suspended for not sitting up straight

That’s not all.

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Posted at 11:19 AM ET, 11/05/2013

School forbids kindergarteners from touching at recess

What are these people thinking?

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Posted at 11:46 AM ET, 09/09/2013

Are teachers trying to turn creative kids into robots?

Is a push for student 'self-regulation' getting out of hand -- or not?

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Posted at 03:44 PM ET, 05/08/2013

Virginia second-graders suspended for pointing pencils at each other

Have you heard about the two 7- year-old boys who were suspended from school for pointing pencils at each other while making shooting sounds?

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Posted at 02:06 PM ET, 03/12/2013

The unreasonable 'Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013

You won't believe what a bill called "The Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013" and introduced in the Maryland legislature is intended to accomplish. Think Pop-Tarts and guns.

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Posted at 03:53 PM ET, 01/23/2013

Teacher may lose job over students with mouths taped shut

Some of you may remember when Michelle Rhee addressed a group of new teachers back in 2010 and disclosed that when she was a second-grade teacher at Baltimore's Harlem Park Elementary, her class-management skills were so bad that she taped the mouths of her students. The incident didn't have any effect on Rhee's career as an education reformer, but a teacher in Ohio isn't going to be so lucky.

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Posted at 03:17 PM ET, 12/18/2012

1947 video on school discipline

Here's a 1947 video on school discipline that you will find either illuminating or amusing, or both. It's one of the videos that educator Larry Ferlazzo has on his 2012 list of best videos for educators.

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Posted at 09:10 AM ET, 02/01/2011

Texas student fined $637 for cursing in class

A student was slapped with $637 in fines for cursing in class. Is it a good or bad idea for schools to fine kids for this?

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Posted at 12:52 PM ET, 04/16/2010

The rules of corporal punishment

In the 20 states that still allow kids to be paddled, school districts generally have their own rules for administering corporal punishment, or, in layman’s terms, whacking a kid. Some limit the number of hits, others specify where the kid can be hit (usually on the buttocks but sometimes other places). Here are some of the actual policies.

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