The Fix: Camapign 2012

Chris Christie tames the New Jersey political beast

Chris Christie is really, really popular — by New Jersey standards.

Christie’s 56 percent approval rating in a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll this week may not seem all that remarkable, but when it comes to New Jersey, it is.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (Jonathan Ernst - Reuters)

The reason: New Jersey voters are notoriously tough on their politicians.

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Jon Huntsman tries to hide Mitt Romney attacks

As he exits the presidential race, Jon Huntsman is expected to endorse rival Mitt Romney.

Huntsman has been one of Romney’s vicious critics on the trail, attacking the former Massachusetts governor on health-care mandates, taxes, abortion, foreign policy — you name it, Huntsman cut a Web video on it.

The former Utah governor’s campaign pulled multiple anti-Romney videos and Web sites off the web Sunday night, but Huntsman attacked Romney so many times that there’s plenty of evidence left online. Here are some of the most damning attacks.

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