The Fix: The Rising; House

Ricky Gill, young rising star

This story is the latest in our series “The Rising,” where we look at up-and-coming politicians around the country.

The possible Republican nominee in California’s 9th district is not even old enough to serve — yet. He will turn 25 a month before the primary, just in time to run.

Ranjit “Ricky” Gill may be young, but as he gears up to face Rep. Jerry McNerney (D), the Lodi native is already well into his political career. He’s also the kind of Republican that might have a shot in this Democratic-leaning district.
(Courtesy of the Ricky Gill campaign.)

Gill’s parents, immigrants from India and Uganda, are both obstetricians who run a vineyard and an RV park. The candidate has lived in San Joaquin County his whole life, volunteering at homeless shelters, tutoring schoolkids, playing basketball. He’s finishing law school at Berkeley now, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton.

“I’m in this race because I want to be an advocate for a community that has been neglected,” Gill told The Fix. “If you were to visualize the 9th congressional district on a map, theres not a single state or federal legislator who lives within the confines of this new district.”

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