The Fix: birtherism

Romney wanders into the slippery slope of birtherism

The first rule of birtherism is you don’t talk about birtherism unless you want to be labeled a birther.

Mitt Romney is the latest Republican to find this out the hard way.Romney’s decision to crack a joke about his and his wife’s birth certificates at an event in Michigan on Friday is the latest example of a Republican getting tripped up by even getting close to the continued questioning by some on the right of President Obama’s birth certificate.

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Pete Hoekstra and the slippery slope of birtherism

Michigan GOP Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra is proposing a new panel to verify the citizenship of federal political candidates, but he’s facing some tough sledding.

The former congressman, whose proposal for what’s already been dubbed a “birther panel” came to light Wednesday, went on CNN this afternoon to talk about the idea.

It didn’t go well.

Hoekstra, despite saying he believes in the legitimacy of Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate, found himself in a combative interview in much the same way Donald Trump did the day before.

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