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What was on ’12 Years a Slave’ director Steve McQueen’s wrist on Oscar stage?

The wristband promotes public education.

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Public education failing? Not in this school

Meet Mr. Love, band teacher, and some of his colleagues.

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The 13 most important charts of 2013

It’s time to stop blaming the schools for economic problems.

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Teacher: D.C. schools forcing 'us to swallow a magic pill'

The District

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The problem(s) with D.C. school reform bills

Undoubtedly well-intentioned, D.C. Council member David Catania's proposed school board legislation raises some important concerns.

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'I didn't really research anything' in high school, D.C. valedictorian says

The difficulty some high-achieving D.C. public schools students have when they get to college raises questions about the system's reform program.

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Teachers: Why so many kids are flunking final exams in Montgomery County

"These problems are not primarily caused by the students, the families or the teachers. The failure rates are the result of policies that have been in place for many years."

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A critique of how DCPS is implementing Common Core (update)

The problem, the author says, is not with any one standard or assessment stem—it's with a checklist mentality.

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The charter future of D.C. public schools

With one decision about one elementary school, D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson is filling in the picture of the future for the city's long troubled school system.

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Louisiana Supreme Court rules school voucher funding unconstitutional

The Supreme Court of Louisiana ruled today 6-1 that the way the state funds its school voucher program is unconstitutional.

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A bad idea in D.C. on school reform -- and a sharp response (update)

The belief that this process should start with a team of lawyers and not end with one speaks to a fundamental missed opportunity.

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What's wrong with this school language survey form?

Look at this Home Language Survey Form from D.C. Public Schools to parents. What's wrong with it?

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D.C. custodial staff were evaluated by student test scores. Really. (update)

How obsessive have school reformers been with linking student standardized test scores to the evaluations of adults in school buildings?

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School vouchers: Still a bad idea despite Indiana court ruling

So the Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that the state's school voucher program is constitutional. It isn't the first time a supreme court has made a questionable call but, apart from the legal argument, the decision doesn't mean that vouchers are a good educational or civic idea.

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Ravitch on Rhee

The PBS show "Frontline" on Tuesday night aired John Merrow's documentary on Michelle Rhee, which focused on the 3 1/2 years she was chancellor of D.C. Public Schools. There is sure to be a variety of opinions on what it said and what it didn't say. Below is the reaction of education historian Diane Ravitch, the preeminent voice in the growing opposition to Rhee's style of school reform.

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Moco schools chief on new teacher/principal evaluation systems

Here is a new message from Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr about changes to its nationally known educator evaluation systems that the district is being forced to make by the state of Maryland.

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Updated: Michelle Rhee writes a zealot's manifesto,' er, memoir

Michelle Rhee has written a memoir that gives her version of reality about the years (2007-2010) that she ran D.C. Public Schools and became a national leader of corporate-based school reform. The book is due out next year but Washington City Paper's Loose Lips has already read it and describes it in less than flattering terms. Here are some of the highlights.

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The future of D.C. public schools

D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson's plan to close 20 traditional public schools in the nation's capital is nothing if not an acknowledgement that the system over which she presides is inexorably dwindling and being transformed into a collection of independently run public charter schools.

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Sprouts for sprouts

It isn't a vegetable that kids gravitate to, but brussel sprouts were the centerpiece of a bunch of concoctions at a taste test for D.C. school children. Picture from the D.C. Central Kitchen.

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Arlington principal resigns: Read the letter

Here's the text of an extraordinary letter released to the Arlington public school community by Williamsburg Middle School Principal Kathleen Francis, who just announced her unexpected resignation. In the letter, she blames Arlington Schools Supt. Patrick K. Murphy for creating a hostile environment.

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'It makes no sense:' A dissection of Obama's education view

Here is a dissection of what President Obama said about education in his State of the Union speech, plus more.

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Obama’s faulty education logic: What he said and failed to say

Someone should have told President Obama that there were important contradictions in the education portion of his State of the Union address before he delivered it to Congress.

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Why 'Inside Job' bests 'Waiting for Superman' on school reform

Now that "Waiting for Superman" has made the short list of documentaries up for an Academy Award, an educator explains why another film on the list, "Inside Job," does a better job of explaining the school crisis even though its not about education.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 12/31/2010

A wrong-headed experiment in school leadership

Can you imagine the military anointing a school superintendent as a brigadier general? Of course you can’t, but this won’t surprise you: The Board of Education in Wake County, N.C., tapped a brigadier general who has no experience in instruction or academic leadership to be the new superintendent of the 143,000-student school system. He did work for Michelle Rhee in D.C. public schools, though.

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Where education reform is heading: From extreme to extremum

If you want to understand where public education reform is heading, look south and east to Florida, where the governor-elect, Rick Scott, is talking about a new funding student formula that is more likely to destroy the public school system than accomplish anything else.

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Michelle Rhee, celebrity, goes national

Running the Washington D.C. schools wasn’t a big enough platform for the super star Michelle Rhee. She's onto her next act.

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When teachers are their own worst enemies

An educator/author argues that teachers, however unwittingly, helped create the accountability movement that is now "choking" them.

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 12/02/2010

Rhee, Ackerman and 'cultural competence' in urban reform

Are any school superintendents who helicopter into big cities for a few years "culturally competent" to do the job well?

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 11/29/2010

What Tom Friedman got wrong about schools and why it matters

The great New York Times columnist Tom Friedman wrote in a recent piece that if he were a cub reporter today, he’d want to be “covering the epicenter of national security -- but that would be the Education Department.” If Friedman the cub reporter had turned in this piece, a veteran education editor would have sent it back, asking him to back up his contentions with research. He’d have a hard time.

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Posted at 12:06 PM ET, 11/23/2010

Murdoch buys education technology company

This didn't take long: Joel Klein announces on Nov. 9 that at year’s end he will resign as York City’s Schools chancellorship to become executive vice president at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Yesterday the company announced it was buying a technology company with big financial ties to the New York City school system.

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Posted at 05:00 PM ET, 11/05/2010

Montgomery County admits kids were pushed too hard in math

The highly regarded Montgomery County Public Schools now admits that it has been pushing too many kids into accelerated math when they weren't ready and will stop it. A lot of parents are going to lose bragging rights at cocktail parties.

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Posted at 03:36 PM ET, 10/24/2010

Saving public education: the 'Dolly Solution'

An educator proposes a new model for school reform: cloning, which, in three easy steps, is the surest route for improving public education. It makes perfect sense.

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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 10/22/2010

Economic school integration: A response to Valerie Strauss and Jerry Weast

Richard D. Kahlenberg makes strong arguments as he responds to separate criticism that Montgomery County Public Schools Supt. Jerry Weast and I raised about a Century Foundation report about economic school integration in Montgomery County.

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Posted at 02:02 PM ET, 10/15/2010

Superintendent Ackerman withdraws name from 'manifesto'

So it turns out that Philadelphia Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman doesn’t really agree with the “reform manifesto” that appeared this week in the Washington Post and signed by 16, scratch that, now 15, big-city school district chiefs.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 09/21/2010

The danger of blaming schools for economic woes

Principal George Wood writes: "It’s funny how the start of school also marks the unofficial start of the fall campaign season. What isn’t funny is how so many politicians running for office blame kids for our faltering economy."

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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 09/20/2010

What Americans really think about public schools

In an era of unrelenting bashing of public education by “experts,” a new poll shows that most Americans actually like their neighborhood public schools -- though they don’t seem to like public schools in general -- and they have trust in teachers. And the Obama administration’s education agenda gets mixed reviews in the 2010 Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup poll.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 08/30/2010

Education implications of D.C. mayoral primary

Frederick Hess looks at the three education takeaways from The Washington Post poll showing D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty behind his challenger in the Democratic primary.

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 07/28/2010

Were some D.C. teachers fired based on flawed calculations?

A professor of sociology and education at Teachers College, Columbia University, argues that D.C. Public Schools botched the calculations that were used to decide to fire some of the 241 teachers let go last week.

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Posted at 11:42 AM ET, 06/27/2010

Obama policy blamed for popular principal's reassignment

A popular principal is being reassigned in Lincoln, Neb., and district officials say that the U.S. Education Department is to blame.

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Posted at 04:30 AM ET, 06/09/2010

MCPS selling its reputation to Pearson

Some may call Project North Star a pretty smart deal. I would use less flattering words to describe the deal into which Montgomery County Public Schools just entered with the world’s largest for-profit educational publishing company to nationally “brand” a newly created K-5 curriculum.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 05/20/2010

Charters should leave D.C. teachers contract alone

Public charter school advocates are, not surprisingly, upset about a proposed new contract that will significantly boost the salaries of unionized teachers in traditional D.C. public schools. But D.C. school system officials have it right: They shouldn’t be.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 05/08/2010

Fairfax County slashes summer school

Fairfax County Public Schools is cutting summer school way back this year to save money, a move that could affect academic achievement in the county.

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Posted at 03:45 PM ET, 04/15/2010

Sexting scandal at Montgomery County schools

Some female students at Pyle Middle School and Whitman High School in Montgomery County willingly posed for inappropriate pictures and some students sold and bought access to the pictures and videos, resulting in a police investigation, according to a letter sent home to students today.

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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 04/09/2010

Rhee's biggest, and most costly, failing

A former school superintendent, teacher and now a university professor writes about the biggest failing of D.C. Schools Superintendent Michelle Rhee, and why it may ultimately lead to her departure from the city.

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 03/27/2010

More on Duncan’s VIP list in Chicago

There are new details about a list of VIPS and others who asked then Chicago Schools Superintendent Arne Duncan for help in getting certain children into top public schools. And here's an interesting discussion about the list and Duncan's record in Chicago.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 03/22/2010

Inexcusable: Empty promises to a D.C. school

What can you say after you say that D.C. school officials have yet again let down a school community that has been trying for years to get decent conditions in which its students and young children can learn each weekday? A lot.

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Posted at 04:44 PM ET, 03/17/2010

Moco schools won't make up snow days

Montgomery County public schools will not have to make up the five days that the schools were closed because of snow, a school official said today.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 03/16/2010

Principal scolds parents

The principal of Whitman High School scolds a group of parents and community residents for over-the-top opposition to a student-supported proposal to erect a cell tower on the school premises--and then pulls the plug on the project.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 03/11/2010

Should this man lead a school system?

The president of the Detroit Board of Education has great trouble with writing, and a newspaper columnist asks if he should be in charge of the 90,000-student system.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 02/08/2010

Up to Montgomery County principals to challenge fliers

I asked Montgomery County schools officials to explain who is responsible for challenging fliers that non-profit groups are permitted to send home with students four times a year. The issue arose when my colleague Michael Birnbaum reported that were passed out to some Montgomery County high school students from an organization that insists that therapy can turn gays into heterosexuals. It turns out that it is up to school principals to raise any concerns about the material. The fliers in question, from the group Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays, were distributed at Churchill High School and other schools last week under a district rule that allows non-profit groups from distributing information that is not deemed to be hate speech.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 02/05/2010

Another tale of school bathrooms

It wasn’t too long ago that I wrote about how some bathrooms at Montgomery Blair High School--one of the premier institutions in Montgomery County Public Schools, itself a leading school district--had to be closed during lunch because there wasn’t enough staff to keep it from being vandalized. Now we find that the bathrooms at the county’s Whitman High School--as good as a high schools gets--are also, in the words of a young journalist at the school’s student newspaper, black&white, “downright disgraceful.”

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Posted at 11:26 PM ET, 02/04/2010

Fairfax County schools reject book challenges

Parental challenges to books in school curriculum usually make when district officials succumb to the challenge and restrict or remove the resource. But some don’t. Some stand firm and reject the challenge. That’s what Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia--one of the finest systems in the country--has been doing for years in the face of a handful of challenges about books in its classes.

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Posted at 12:30 PM ET, 02/04/2010

MCPS orders teachers to change passwords

Montgomery County schools officials have ordered all employees to create new computer passwords after students hacked into the computers at Churchill High School to change grades. But it wasn’t the first time kids have hacked into school computers in the county, however; at Whitman High School, the student newspaper black&white reported on Sept. 30, 2009, that a student had broken through the security barriers on Whitman’s Pinnacle grading system and changed some grades.

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Posted at 10:10 AM ET, 01/28/2010

Rhee: In her own words

Nobody is immune from saying things they don’t mean--but it is probably a good idea to watch what you say when you work in the public eye. A reader put together this list of quotes from D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, suggesting a record of inconsistencies that go beyond the most recent controversy surrounding her word. Rhee got into trouble recently over remarks to a magazine that teachers laid off last October had had sex with children and hit kids. After my colleague Bill Turque wrote about the comments, it came out that one of the 266 teachers had been accused of having sex with a student. Here is the list of Rhee quotes, with links. What do you think?

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Posted at 03:22 PM ET, 01/25/2010

Rhee in trouble; Gray not helping

What was she thinking? Even for D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, who routinely attracts controversy, this time she really stirred up unnecessary trouble by telling a magazine that some of the teachers that she laid off last year because of budget cuts had been having sex with children and hitting them. Really? I can’t figure out if Rhee actually likes stirring up controversy or just muddles her way into it--or both--but in this instance, whether it was a hasty remark she didn’t intend to make or an intentional bomb, I don’t see a good way out. Why didn't she do something about it earlier?

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Posted at 10:10 AM ET, 01/25/2010

Rhee D.C.’s person of the year?

Let’s congratulate D.C. Schools Chancellor for being named the Federal City Council’s Washington D.C.’s Person of the Year. Now let’s look at the rationale behind the decision, explained in an advertisement in yesterday’s Washington Post on page B2, the second page of the Outlook section--and see whether it holds together. It was signed by Frank Keating, the president of the Federal City Council and former governor of Oklahoma.

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Posted at 08:31 AM ET, 01/07/2010

What Gilbert Arenas should do now: Help schools

The real shame of the Gilbert Arenas mess isn’t that the Washington Wizards are going to be indefinitely losing his talents. (They weren’t winning much with him anyway). And it isn’t that anybody is losing an exemplary role model. If anybody had actually looked up to this clown in any heroic way, well, they need to get glasses. No, the real shame is that the D.C. area public schools won’t be getting any more of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Arenas and the owners of the Wizards have donated over the past few years through a formula based on the number of points Arenas makes during games. So here's an idea of what the NBA should really do with Arenas that would keep helping the schools.

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Posted at 09:51 AM ET, 12/02/2009

School closes bathrooms because of security shortage

In the category of “it makes you wonder,” the student newspaper at Montgomery-Blair High School reports that bathrooms on the second and third floors are now being locked during lunch. Why? The school has a security shortage and couldn’t figure out a better way to deal with it.

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Posted at 11:51 AM ET, 11/05/2009

Should Montgomery schools pay millions in penalties?

I had only one response to the story about the state of Maryland considering fining Montgomery County tens of millions of millions as punishment for not spending enough money on schools: You’ve gotta be kidding.

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Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 10/27/2009

Who is responsible for kids after school?

A recent story on The Sheet about a 5-year-old boy who was mistakenly put on a school bus in Arlington and then let off in a strange neighborhood sparked a number of responses. One reader, Melanie Klein, shared a letter she had just sent to the school system’s director of transportation, Todd Watkins. Here is it. Do you agree with her, or the school system?

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 10/12/2009

Every Parent's Nightmare

A 5-year-old boy named Gavin Salinas was mistakenly put on the wrong bus at his school in Alexandria and then dropped off, alone, at an unfamiliar stop. Not knowing what to do, he wandered around the streets, crying. Luckily he was returned to his parents unharmed. But Rodney and Taryn Salinas were not satisfied with last Monday’s happy ending. They want to find out who was responsible--and to make sure this never happens again to anybody's child.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 09/21/2009

The Problem That Is Kindergarten

Art. Mathematics. Music. Physical Education. Reading/Language Arts. Science. Social Studies. Guess the school year in which kids first tackle that lineup. Third grade? Second grade? First? Wrong, wrong and wrong. That’s what 5-year-olds in kindergarten are doing in Montgomery County public schools--and in many other districts around the country too.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 09/16/2009

SPOTLIGHT: How Unfair Are Grades?

If you have ever rolled your eyes in disbelief when your child tells you a teacher gave him or her an unfair grade, you may want to think again. Your child might be right. An expert on grading systems conducted an experiment with more than 10,000 educators that he says proves just how subjective grades can be.

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Posted at 11:55 AM ET, 09/11/2009

P.S.: Who Watched Obama's Back-to-School Speech

My colleague Nick Anderson on the national schools beat offers a postscript to the flap over President Obama's back-to-school speech: There was much buzz beforehand about whether it was appropriate to show students the speech that Obama gave Tuesday at...

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Posted at 02:03 PM ET, 09/10/2009

Who Is Right in Fairfax Schools Contract Issue?

A coalition of Fairfax County parents groups and teachers unions are upset at what they say was little public input into an expected decision tonight by the School Board to extend the control of Jack Dale, the schools superintendent. This...

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