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What to watch for in President Obama’s speech tonight

What to watch for in President Obama’s speech tonight

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President Obama will address the country over the situation in Syria tonight, an address that comes amid continued erosion of Congressional support for a use of force resolution against the country and the emergence of a possible diplomatic solution involving Russia and the United Nations.

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Tuesday’s primaries: What to watch for

It’s primary day (again!).

And just because Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP presidential race doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of interesting subplots.

Below, we take a look at what you should watch for as results roll in from presidential primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, along with the regular state primary in the Keystone State.

And be sure to stay tuned to The Fix for all the big results Tuesday night.

Does Gingrich drop out?

Maybe the biggest subplot in the presidential race Tuesday night: Keep an eye on the vote in Delaware, the state Newt Gingrich has focused heavily on in the runup to Tuesday’s contests. He suggested to NBC News on Monday that a poor result there might lead him to drop out.

Gingrich arrives at a campaign stop in Buffalo, N.Y., on April 20. (David Duprey — Associated Press)

“I think we need to take a deep look at what we are doing,” Gingrich said. “We will be in North Carolina tomorrow night, and we will look and see what the results are.”

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Arizona Republican debate: What to watch for

It’s the last debate before Super Tuesday and perhaps the last debate of the 2012 GOP presidential race.

And there’s a lot at stake. A whole lot.

We’ll be doing a blow-by-blow live blog of the debate starting after 7 p.m. Eastern time (the debate starts at 8 p.m. on CNN).
Republican presidential candidates (L-R) former House speaker Newt Gingrich, former senator Rick Santorum and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney greet each other at the start of a debate sponsored by CNN at the University North Florida on Jan. 26, 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida. Tonight’s debate is the first since then. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

For now, though, here are some storylines to watch:

* Rick Santorum, center stage

Santorum emerged as a frontrunner more than two weeks ago. This is the first debate since then, which means that, for the first time in this entire presidential race, Santorum will no longer be a bit player on the debate stage.

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Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri: What to watch for

For the first time since Iowa, we are entering a primary/caucus night without having a pretty good idea who will win.

And some people are arguing that today’s contests don’t matter?


So as you prepare to watch the results tonight from the Colorado and Minnesota caucuses and the Missouri primary (we’ll be live-blogging!), here are a few things to watch for…

1. How many states does Santorum win?

Everything else you see below will be based on this one piece of news.

Polling shows Rick Santorum is the favorite to win in both Minnesota and Missouri, while Mitt Romney is favored in Colorado.

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