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Posted at 03:11 PM ET, 02/09/2012

Five NFL theories on Tom Brady, Tim Tebow and Eli and Peyton Manning

Now that the Super Bowl is over, do you remember the NFL lockout? Me neither. Instead, I’ve been Tebowing about Tom Brady and Eli and Peyton Manning.

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Posted at 04:04 PM ET, 02/03/2012

Super Bowl Sunday: A lousy day for fans of bad NFL teams

It’s a rough life being a Cleveland Browns fans living in New England on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Posted at 03:44 PM ET, 01/30/2012

Super Bowl 2012: If the Patriots win, are Brady, Belichick the best ever?

If the New England Patriots win Super Bowl XLVI, is Bill Belichick the greatest NFL coach in history? Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback?

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Posted at 12:40 PM ET, 01/25/2012

Super Bowl 2012: Tom Brady, Eli Manning keep focus on the quarterbacks

Every year, the Super Bowl is about the quarterbacks, and with Tom Brady and Eli Manning returning to the sports biggest stage next week, this year is no different.

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Posted at 11:11 AM ET, 11/28/2011

Colts should keep Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck

If Peyton Manning comes back at full health next season and the Colts draft Andrew Luck, it would be one of the best NFL quarterback situations since Aaron Rodgers backed up Brett Favre, or Steve Young backed up Joe Montana.

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Posted at 02:33 PM ET, 10/14/2011

Competing to be Andrew Luck’s backup

Drafting Luck means two things to a starting quarterback:

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Posted at 02:38 PM ET, 08/25/2011

Joe Thomas or Larry Fitzgerald?

Who would you rather have on your team: the best left tackle in the NFL or the best wide receiver?

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Posted at 11:20 AM ET, 08/15/2011

Peyton Hillis is not cursed, and he’s not an illusion

Peyton Hillis, a running back from the 5-11 Cleveland Browns, is on the cover of Madden 2012. I love democracy. Even though I didn’t vote and I don’t play Madden, I am a Browns fan. I say that Hillis deserves to be the face of the NFL in 2011.

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Posted at 10:20 AM ET, 08/10/2011

Belichick and Ryan playing high-stakes poker

Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan are engaged in a game of high stakes poker that continues to escalate as both teams add key free agents who will have a major impact on this heated AFC East rivalry.

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Posted at 01:22 PM ET, 07/28/2011

Albert Haynesworth: Bill Belichick’s newest knucklehead

So Albert Haynesworth is going to New England, huh? Gosh, I am starting to think Bill Belichick likes, and even needs knuckleheads in small doses.

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Posted at 12:51 PM ET, 07/06/2011

The waiting is the hardest part

What if the lockout never ends? What if the lockout ends tomorrow? And what about free agents? This is enough to drive an NFL fan to the brink, but the brink of what?

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Posted at 03:50 PM ET, 06/10/2011

When the lockout ends, you will forget it happened

Here’s a prediction: One year after the NFL lockout ends, you will barely remember it. So I suggest you channel all your current angst and anger into something more constructive.

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Posted at 11:03 AM ET, 05/27/2011

Return the NFL to pre-1967 borders

The NFL as the last cultural American touchstone is in danger, which calls for drastic change. Now is ideal time to de-merge the NFL and AFL.

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Posted at 01:58 PM ET, 04/18/2011

Meet The League contributors

From current and former journalists, writers, teachers and professionals from a wide variety of fields to former NFL players and staffers, our contributors share their unique perspectives on America’s most popular professional sport. Meet them here.

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