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Posted at 11:21 AM ET, 11/11/2011

Veterans Day 11-11-11: NFL honors those who served

The NFL has not been short on heroes, but on Veteran’s Day, we honor true heroism, not the gilded kind that comes with fame and fortune.

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Posted at 04:04 PM ET, 10/10/2011

Winless Colts may be in Luck

The prospect of Peyton Manning returning to the field this season — while tempting — is too risky for the future of the Colts franchise. Instead, the team should keep losing with the aim of drafting Andrew Luck as Manning’s heir.

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Posted at 01:12 PM ET, 09/22/2011

Color me proud

It was an act of sportsmanship that isn’t always evident in the NFL, where too often the focus is on the rowdy fans who brawl, throw beer, and shout obscenities. Students at Westfield High School in Indiana, want to send a message that the focus in sports should always be on sportsmanship.

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Posted at 03:45 PM ET, 09/14/2011

Is it time for the Colts to put in Curtis Painter at quarterback?

Between Indiana University’s collapse against Virginia, Notre Dame’s collapse against Michigan and the debacle that was the Colts’ season opener, it was a rough weekend for football in the state of Indiana.

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Posted at 12:07 PM ET, 05/03/2011

NFL draft distractions

I keep getting distracted from the draft. In order to move on, I’m going to have to write about the distractions.

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Posted at 01:07 PM ET, 04/20/2011

NFL draft: a little history

George Taliaferro told his students “All Sickness Ain’t Death.” He was living proof, as his status as an NFL trailblazer revealed.

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Posted at 01:58 PM ET, 04/18/2011

Meet The League contributors

From current and former journalists, writers, teachers and professionals from a wide variety of fields to former NFL players and staffers, our contributors share their unique perspectives on America’s most popular professional sport. Meet them here.

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Posted at 03:05 PM ET, 04/13/2011

To NFL players, owners: use your words

The 2012 season is in danger because of the inability of the players and owners to reach an agreement. Tired of the lack of progress, U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson essentially reminded the two sides what they should have been taught years ago: use your words.

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