Capital Weather Gang: Sunrises

Posted at 09:54 AM ET, 04/11/2014

A superior cherry blossom sunrise in Washington, D.C. (PHOTOS)

Photographers who awakened early this morning to beat the crowds and catch a glimpse of the blossoms coupled with the rising treat were rewarded with outstanding views

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Posted at 10:35 AM ET, 04/03/2014

Sunset, sunrise in Washington, D.C. (PHOTOS)

Last night’s sunset and this morning’s sunrise in the District were sublime.

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Posted at 09:52 AM ET, 01/27/2014

Fire and ice: A spectacular D.C. sunrise and the frozen Potomac River (PHOTOS)

Did you see the sunrise Saturday morning? It was one of those rare, surreal sunrises in which the sky appears to be on fire.

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Posted at 04:20 PM ET, 01/24/2014

Wow! What a week of wintry weather in Washington -- top 15 photos

Each part of this week’s weather journey offered beautiful visuals, documented by our readers.

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Posted at 04:19 PM ET, 12/19/2013

PM Update: Warmth takes hold, regional temperature variations, and sunrise magic

It turns chilly overnight, but there’s little reason to believe it won’t be at least as mild and delightful on Friday as it was today.

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Posted at 09:45 AM ET, 12/13/2013

A fortunate Friday the 13th sunrise in Washington, D.C.

A field of altocumulus clouds flaunting the morning sky made for a memorable sunrise.

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Posted at 10:34 AM ET, 09/19/2013

The Harvest Moon sets over the Lincoln and the sun rises over the Capitol

I am convinced that Washington, D.C. is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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