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Posted at 04:32 PM ET, 07/05/2012

Chaput: Freedom ‘fears neither the state, nor death itself’

Archbishop Charles Chaput said Wednesday during the closing homily for the a two-week long religious liberty campaign called Fortnight for Freedom.

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Posted at 04:36 PM ET, 06/25/2012

Fortnight for Freedom in (your) photos

On Faith asked readers to show us how they are participating in the Catholic Church’s two-week event.

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Posted at 04:33 PM ET, 06/21/2012

Archbishop Chaput: ‘The worst enemies of religious freedom’ are inside the church

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The worst enemies are in here, with us–all of us, clergy, religious, and lay–when we live our faith with tepidness, routine, and hypocrisy.”

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