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Posted at 01:10 PM ET, 12/04/2012

Map: Which of the world's monarchies allow female royal succession

The remaining royal families are about split on the issue of whether to allow women to the throne, with some debating it heatedly.

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 02/06/2012

U.S. closes Syrian embassy: How often does the U.S. shutter embassies?

How often does the United States close embassies?

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Posted at 01:36 PM ET, 10/31/2011

In Bhutan, pursuing happiness not to everyone’s taste

In Bhutan, pursuing happiness as official government policy is not proving easy.

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Posted at 04:34 PM ET, 10/13/2011

Bhutan royal wedding: ‘Dragon King’ weds longtime girlfriend (photos, video)

Bhutan’s “Dragon King” married his longtime girlfriendIn a small, intimate ceremony in an ancient monastic fortress in the country’s old capital yesterday.

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Posted at 07:23 PM ET, 10/12/2011

Bhutan’s Royal Wedding: the Dragon King weds

Simon Denyer reports from the tiny country of Bhutan at the king’s royal wedding

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