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Posted at 10:35 AM ET, 11/09/2012

Tens of thousands want Malala to get a Nobel Prize

A Pakistani-British woman who was denied education is leading the charge.

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Posted at 01:20 PM ET, 10/07/2011

Nobel Prize advice from Richard Feynman: ‘it’s a pain in the ---’

Feynman discounted the prize, which he won in 1965.

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Posted at 12:06 PM ET, 10/05/2011

Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate?

An online gambling house has odds on Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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Posted at 10:14 AM ET, 10/04/2011

Dark energy, a mysterious cosmic force, is behind physics Nobel prize-winning scientists’ discovery

Three U.S.-born scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday, after using the concept of dark energy to reach their conclusions.

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Posted at 10:28 AM ET, 10/03/2011

Ralph Steinman, Nobel medicine prize winner, died three days before getting prize

Three days before receiving the Nobel Prize, Ralph Steinman died of pancreatic cancer. The committee does not give posthumous awards, and is not sure if he will get to keep it.

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