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Posted at 08:53 AM ET, 04/04/2012

Texas tornadoes: 6 citizen videos that capture the twisters’ destructive path

As a string of tornadoes tore through the Dallas region Tuesday, dozens of Texans became citizen journalists.

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Posted at 03:30 PM ET, 04/03/2012

Dallas-area tornadoes leave trail of damage (photos, video)

Two “large and extremely dangerous” tornadoes ripped through the Dallas region on Tuesday.

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Posted at 09:25 AM ET, 03/16/2012

Michigan tornado: Twister, hail and then destruction (videos)

A tornado tore through Dexter, Mich., on Thursday, leaving a trail of hail and destruction in its wake.

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Posted at 12:03 PM ET, 03/08/2012

Space weather? As solar storm hits, a Martian mini-tornado is caught on camera

One is space weather, the other is not.

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Posted at 10:52 AM ET, 02/29/2012

Branson, Mo. tornado, National Weather Service snow alerts and more Leap Year weather

Several states were plagued by tornados or sleet and snow today.

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Posted at 11:49 AM ET, 01/23/2012

Birmingham hit by deadly round of storms (video)

A possible tornado killed two people and injured a 100 more in Alamaba on Monday morning.

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