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Secure Communities coming to MoCo

Montgomery County has been told that a controversial federal immigration enforcement program will launch there in the fall.

Latinos, Asians mostly sat out 2010 vote

A record 14.7 million Latino voters sat out last year’s midterm elections, according to a new report by the Pew Hispanic Center.

Migration routes worry U.S. officials

Migration routes worry U.S. officials

Johannes Michael Tekle crossed a dozen borders to get from Eritrea to the United States. His epic trip underscores the challenge of protecting U.S. borders in the face of agile networks of smugglers, corrupt officials who arrange travel documents and desperate immigrants willing to pay thousands of dollars for the journey.

Immigrant loses driver’s license, then job

Because of a Virginia decision not to accept federal work permits, an Ethio­pian woman living in Reston couldn’t get a renewal.