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Hogan: Maryland will move forward on Purple Line, with counties’ help
(The Washington Post, June 25, 2015; 9:52 PM)
Regional Memo: Hogan’s Purple Line choice could paint him as ideologue
(The Washington Post, June 13, 2015; 5:55 PM)
Md. transportation chief reportedly backs Purple Line if cost is lowered
(The Washington Post, June 10, 2015; 7:54 PM)
Montgomery, Prince George’s leaders to make their final plea for Purple Line
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Protests likely to accelerate retreat from tough police tactics of the 1990s
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Tug of war between Hogan, lawmakers is new reality in Annapolis
(The Washington Post, April 14, 2015; 7:59 PM)
Hogan forces small dose of budget frugality in Annapolis
(The Washington Post, April 9, 2015; 3:33 PM)
Maryland, D.C. officials seek Metro management overhaul
(The Washington Post, April 5, 2015; 9:32 PM)
Tax-relief bills stalled, Hogan aides warn aid for schools, raises at risk
(The Washington Post, March 27, 2015; 10:03 PM)
Regional Memo: Unresolved Gray case threatens Machen’s legacy in corruption fight
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Metro halts hunt for leader, rethinks expansion plans
(The Washington Post, March 12, 2015; 8:20 PM)
Metro halts search for new chief executive amid board turmoil
(The Washington Post, March 12, 2015; 5:03 PM)
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