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Posted at 03:33 PM ET, 03/12/2013

Heavy snow halts travel in northwestern Europe (PHOTOS)

An unusual late winter snowstorm dumped several inches of snow across northwestern Europe this week, stranding drivers in their cars and severely disrupting air and rail traffic from northern France into Belgium and Germany.

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Posted at 01:12 PM ET, 02/06/2013

Moscow, Russia crippled by historic snow

According to news reports, Moscow has endured its snowiest winter in a century, with 216 centimeters so far, or slightly over 85 inches.

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Posted at 02:33 PM ET, 01/29/2013

Smog pollution chokes Beijing, China air

Since January began, a nasty brew of gray and brown smog has commandeered Beijing’s air on multiple occasions, deeply compromising its air quality and slashing visibility.

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Posted at 03:49 PM ET, 01/28/2013

Five mind-boggling images of freak Atlantic storm

What began as a weak, moisture-deprived disturbance over the U.S. late last week, transformed into a storm of incredible size and strength over the North Atlantic this weekend.

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Posted at 12:14 PM ET, 01/15/2013

Washington, D.C. can’t buy snow

Even as temperatures trend colder in our nation’s capital, the snow shows no sign of coming.

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Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 01/11/2013

Coldest weather in 28 years hits China

While Australia simmers, China shivers.

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Posted at 02:21 PM ET, 01/10/2013

Australia braces for more blistering heat after record busting spell

Four of Australia’s hottest 10 days on record have occurred this young calendar year and another punishing round of heat is on the way.

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Posted at 11:48 AM ET, 01/10/2013

Snow blankets parts of Middle East, Jerusalem (PHOTOS)

Four to six inches of snow fell in Jerusalem Wednesday night into Thursday morning, snarling traffic and closing schools and government offices.

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Posted at 11:36 AM ET, 12/31/2012

Top 5 international weather events of 2012

From a severe cold snap in Europe to ferocious storms from the tropics to the Arctic, extreme weather events claimed thousands of lives and caused significant economic losses around the globe in the past year. As 2012 closes, let’s take a look at the highest impact major weather events to occur outside the U.S.

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Posted at 02:22 PM ET, 12/17/2012

Evan rips through Fiji as its strongest cyclone on record

Cyclone Evan, after devastating Samoa late last week, tore across Fiji Monday (local time) leaving behind a trail of destruction.

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Posted at 01:03 PM ET, 12/07/2012

Strengthening Typhoon Bopha may strike Philippines second time, this time in north

Typhoon Bopha is responsible for at least 500 deaths in the southern Philippines, and it may not be done inflicting damage on the storm-ravaged country. Some track forecasts show it reversing course, potentially affecting the northern Philippines in about two days.

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Posted at 10:37 AM ET, 12/06/2012

Baltic blizzard disrupts travel across Sweden; cold strengthens across Europe

In Sweden, a strong Baltic storm dumped up to 1.5 feet (40 cm) of snow and brought blizzard conditions to central and eastern parts of the country on Wednesday.

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Posted at 10:55 AM ET, 12/04/2012

Typhoon Bopha socks southern Philippines, death toll at least 40

Super typhoon Bopha smashed into the southern Philippines island of Mindanao early this morning with estimated sustained winds of 160 mph and torrential, flooding rains.

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Posted at 03:20 PM ET, 12/03/2012

Beastly super typhoon Bopha bears down on Philippines (IMAGES)

Packing winds to 160 mph, equivalent to a category 5 hurricane, super typhoon Bopha is hours away from landfall in the southern Philippines. It is targeting the Philippine island of Mindanao. The storm is traveling west-northwest at about 15 mph and should make landfall early Tuesday morning (between 20 UTC December 3 and 0 UTC December 4) local time.

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Posted at 03:31 PM ET, 11/29/2012

Moscow sees heaviest November snow in 50 years; wintry in Germany, central Europe

A major snowstorm has brought Moscow to a standstill, disrupting road and air travel in a city that’s no stranger to harsh wintry weather.

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 11/28/2012

Violent tornado strikes Taranto, Italy

A large, powerful tornado hit the town of Taranto, Italy earlier today. Tornadoes in Italy happen from time to time but are less common and typically not as strong as those in the United States, and rare in late November.

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Posted at 02:58 PM ET, 11/26/2012

Back to back storms clock United Kingdom

A weather double whammy has smacked the United Kingdom (UK) with flooding rain and powerful winds. The first wave struck this weekend, with the follow-up blow last night into today.

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Posted at 01:18 PM ET, 11/12/2012

Venice flooding swamps 70 percent of city

Sunday’s tide in Venice, Italy reached it sixth-highest level since 1872 as strong winds funneled water up the Adriatic Sea. Up to 70 percent of central Venice was flooded according to Italian news reports. Photos show businesses, homes and tourist sites inundated with water.

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Posted at 02:06 PM ET, 10/01/2012

Typhoon Jelawat slams Okinawa, and mainland Japan (video)

With sustained winds to 87 mph and gusts to 137 mph, typhoon Jelawat raked Okinawa Saturday.

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Posted at 12:11 PM ET, 09/26/2012

Super typhoon Jelawat to threaten Okinawa then Japan

Following super typhoon Sanba that ripped across Okinawa and then into South Korea, super typhoon Jelawat is also eyeing Okinawa before a possible encounter with Japan.

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Posted at 05:25 PM ET, 09/25/2012

Weather a factor in looming global bacon shortage

Global weather conditions are taking their toll on the artery-clogging guilty pleasure known as bacon.

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Posted at 01:44 PM ET, 09/14/2012

Violent super typhoon Sanba threatens Okinawa, South Korea

Super typhoon Sanba, with peak winds of 155 mph, continues on its collision course with Okinawa and, eventually, South Korea. It’s positioned about 440 miles south of Kadena Air Force Base on Okinawa and moving north at about 13 mph. Strong winds could affect Okinawa as soon as Saturday evening local time.

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Posted at 12:15 PM ET, 09/13/2012

Monster super typhoon Sanba aims at Okinawa and South Korea

A large, dangerous typhoon has rapidly gained strength in the western Pacific.

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Posted at 10:04 AM ET, 09/13/2012

Death Valley holder of world’s hottest temperature; previous Libyan record invalidated

For exactly 90 years, it was thought El Azizia, Libya had recorded the world’s hottest temperature, a blistering 136 degrees on September 13, 1922. Not so. A team of atmospheric scientists has concluded the reading is bogus after a comprehensive review

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Posted at 02:35 PM ET, 09/06/2012

Thunderstorms and low-hanging clouds in the Austrian Alps (PHOTOS)

Weather enthusiasts would agree that there’s just no taking a break from staring at the sky – even when on vacation. That’s just what I did last month while traveling through France, Switzerland, and Austria for a family wedding.

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Posted at 02:15 PM ET, 08/17/2012

Warmth hobbles Greenland flights

Greenland’s warmth this year has affected flight operations in and out since April.

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Posted at 04:05 PM ET, 08/15/2012

Watch: Chinese broadcaster covers typhoon Haikui tied to rope

Covering a landfalling hurricane or typhoon can be hazardous. One Chinese TV station decided it wasn’t going to take any chances. Lest its reporter be swept away, it secured her to a rope as she covered the landfall of typhoon Haikui live in Ningbo.

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Posted at 02:57 PM ET, 08/02/2012

Twin storms Damrey and Saola near coast of China

Double trouble. Typhoon Damrey and tropical storm Saola are both making landfall in mainland China.

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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 07/23/2012

Intense typhoon Vicente slamming Hong Kong

After rapidly intensifying earlier today, typhoon Vicente is battering Hong Kong and locations in Southern China.

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Posted at 10:45 AM ET, 07/23/2012

London 2012 Summer Olympics weather: Recent rain concerns give way to sunny, drier conditions

Following weeks of heavy rain and a dismal summer across Britain, the weather forecast for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics is showing signs of improvement. Warmth and sunshine are finally making an appearance in the UK as temperatures in the south of England climb past 77 degrees (25ºC) for the first time this month.

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Posted at 02:53 PM ET, 07/17/2012

South Pole weather: 200 degrees of separation from Washington, D.C.’s scorching heat

With temperatures closing in on 100 Washington, D.C., today is a good day to dream of working at the South Pole. The high there today (Wednesday at the South Pole, which is on New Zealand time, 12 hours ahead of ET) should be -79 F, says Dale Herschlag, the meteorologist at the U.S. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

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Posted at 12:44 PM ET, 06/18/2012

Typhoon Guchol charging towards Japan

Western Pacific typhoon Guchol, with winds to 110 mph - equivalent to a category 3 hurricane - is one day away from crashing into Japan. But by the time it gets there, it’s expected to be a weaker though still formidable storm.

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Posted at 12:28 PM ET, 06/15/2012

Hurricane Carlotta to slam Mexico with wind, flooding rain

Tropical storm Carlotta gained hurricane status this morning and is gaining strength in the Eastern Pacific. The category 1 storm has set its sights on the southwest coast of Mexico and may reach category 2 levels before striking land. Hurricane warnings have posted from Salina Cruz to Acapulco.

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Posted at 01:56 PM ET, 06/12/2012

Tornado tears through parts of Venice, Italy (VIDEOS)

A rare tornado (or waterspout, when over water) swept over several islands (Lido, Sant’Elena and Sant’Erasmo) off Venice’s lagoon Tuesday, causing damage but no injuries according to reports.

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Posted at 04:02 PM ET, 05/10/2012

Prince Charles tops list of TV weather cameo appearances

From time to time, TV stations try out the viewer-pleasing gimmick of inviting a celebrity into the studio to do the weather. Today, Prince Charles made headlines for broadcasting the weather on BBC Scotland.

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Posted at 12:04 PM ET, 05/07/2012

Tornado strikes Japan near Tokyo, kills one (VIDEOS)

A tornado with winds of 113-157 mph ripped the city of Tsukuba Sunday, 60 kilometers (40 miles) northeast of Tokyo. The twister left a trail of destruction, killed a 12-year old boy and caused 48 injuries.

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Posted at 10:22 AM ET, 04/26/2012

Heavy rain and flood warnings in United Kingdom - little benefit to England drought

England is experiencing its worst drought in decades and yet this month may become one of the wettest Aprils on record for the United Kingdom. It’s the latest twist of weather irony that has many people in Britain scratching their heads.

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 04/20/2012

England facing its worst drought in decades

After two abnormally dry winters, many parts of England are currently experiencing their worst drought in over three decades. If drought situations don’t improve, hosepipe bans could remain in place until 2013.What’s causing the lack of rain? And how bad is the drought?

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Posted at 12:19 PM ET, 02/13/2012

Cyclone Giovanna threatens Madagascar, “massive destruction” possible

Extremely dangerous cyclone Giovanna, equivalent to a category 4 hurricane, is set to make landfall on the east coast of Madagascar today. The powerful storm contains maximum sustained winds of 145 mph (125 knots) and may produce extensive damage on this island off the southeastern coast of Africa.

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Posted at 10:22 AM ET, 02/13/2012

Parts of Romania overwhelmed by deep snow, villages stranded (PHOTOS AND VIDEO)

The heaviest snowfall in recent memory has buried parts of Romania under 13 to 15 feet of snow. The snow has reached the roofs of houses in some villages.

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Posted at 04:27 PM ET, 02/09/2012

Europe cold worst in decades, U.S. stays mild (PHOTOS)

It’s a tale of two continents. While temperatures have remained above normal all winter long in the U.S. and North America, much of Europe recently flipped from a mild pattern to its coldest in 20 years.

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Posted at 10:23 AM ET, 02/03/2012

Deadly cold snap grips Europe, snow strands thousands in Serbia, Bosnia

Europe is currently in the grips of its worst cold snap in at least six years. Arctic air has been spilling out of Siberia into Eastern Europe, bringing more than a foot of snow to Istanbul and temperatures as low as -30ºC (-22ºF) in several neighboring countries.

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 01/25/2012

Tropical Cyclone Funso brings heavy rain, flooding to Mozambique

A powerful storm, now equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane, has been spinning off the coast of southeast Africa since late last week. Currently packing sustained winds near 138 mph, Tropical Cyclone Funso has brought gusty conditions and flooding rain to coastal regions of Mozambique. Officials are concerned about possible food shortages following the destruction of a major national highway.

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Posted at 04:24 PM ET, 01/19/2012

Extreme weather 2011: warmest La Nina year on record, around 10th warmest overall

Cooler than average waters in the equatorial Pacific, symptomatic of a moderately strong La Nina pattern, stopped 2011 from besting 2010’s El Nino-fueled near-record global warmth. But of the La Nina years on record, 2011 ranked as the warmest according to data from NOAA and NASA.

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Posted at 12:04 PM ET, 01/10/2012

Heavy snow buries western Austria, central Alps

While winter has been mild across large parts of North America and Europe, the central and northern Alps have been a notable exception. Since late last week, heavy snow has inundated western Austria and southeastern Switzerland. Impressive even by local standards, the snow has buried towns, blocked roads and disrupted rail service in the heart of the Alps.

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Posted at 06:26 PM ET, 01/03/2012

Another mega-storm wallops United Kingdom (IMAGES)

For the third time in 30 days, a powerful storm with hurricane-force winds raked the British Isles. The storm is being blamed for at least two deaths

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Posted at 10:54 AM ET, 12/30/2011

Sea foam blizzard in England (VIDEO)

On Wednesday, along the Fylde Coast of Lancashire, England, the town of Clevelys was met by a wall of white, raging winds, near zero visibility, and drifts several feet high. The main road was nearly impassable. But temperatures were far too warm for snow. The “white stuff” in the air was sea foam. The video footage is a sight to behold.

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Posted at 10:55 AM ET, 12/29/2011

Top 5 extreme international weather events of 2011

Earlier this week, we looked at the top five extreme weather events to impact the U.S. this year. Not confined to any particular borders, Mother Nature also brought extreme conditions to other parts of the world in 2011, including deadly storms, flooding and prolonged drought. Globally, extreme weather events were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, not to mention billions of dollars in damages. Let’s take a look at the top 5 extreme weather events to occur outside the U.S. in 2011.

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Posted at 03:55 PM ET, 12/27/2011

Weird Christmas weather: Australia tornadoes and unusual warmth in UK and South Pole

While large parts of the U.S. experienced serene Christmas skies, violent thunderstorms tore through parts of Victoria in Australia. Meanwhile, temperatures spike to record or near record levels in Antartica and the United Kingdom.

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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 12/20/2011

Photos: Beautiful scenes of snow in Germany

I stumbled across a series of beautiful images of snow from western Germany.

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Posted at 12:25 PM ET, 12/19/2011

Tropical storm Washi kills hundreds in Philippines; may be 2011’s deadliest storm to strike globe

On Friday night, the compact but deadly tropical storm Washi swept across the central and southern Philippines killing hundreds and scores remain unaccounted for. Thousands are homeless.

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Posted at 10:10 AM ET, 12/16/2011

Atlantic storm slams France, Europe; beaches cargo ship

Only a week after a fierce storm struck northern Britain, another powerful low pressure system is trekking across western and central Europe today, bringing hurricane-force winds, heavy rain, and high-elevation snow to parts of France, Germany, and several other countries.

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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 12/08/2011

Violent storm strikes Scotland

Winds of hurricane forced lashed northern Britain today, prompting school closures and triggering tens of thousands of power outages.

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Posted at 10:38 AM ET, 11/16/2011

Britain’s snow blitz: does it mean anything for the future, both there and here?

No doubt many of you have seen stories during the last few years about the repeated episodes of cold and snow in Western Europe-- and particularly Britain. Last December, some called it the snowiest winter in 25 years and the coldest in over 100 years. On average, Britain’s winter climate is mild and has been so for many decades, probably since the end of the “Little Ice Age” in the 1800s. So what’s going on? Is the Gulf Stream changing?

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Posted at 02:05 PM ET, 11/11/2011

Wild rides: the 11/11/11 Great Blue Norther and the largest wave ever surfed

Look out when giant waves come crashing down. That’s what happened in Chicago 100 years ago when the temperature dropped from a record high of 74 to a frigid 16 in the same day (November 11, 1911). Even more stunning, Springfield nose-dived from 80 to 8 degrees, a precipitous 72 degree drop.

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Posted at 10:20 AM ET, 11/09/2011

Mediterranean storm brings heavy rain and flooding to Italy and France

An unusual, stubborn low pressure system in the Mediterranean Sea has brought heavy rain and tropical storm-like conditions to parts of Italy and southern France over the past week. Torrential rains have inundated coastal regions and caused disastrous flooding in inland towns at higher elevations.

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Posted at 02:26 PM ET, 10/11/2011

Hurricane Jova weakens, nears west coast of Mexico

Hurricane Jova, a powerful category 3 hurricane 24 hours ago, has weakened to category 2 intensity in the hours prior to landfall. Still, the storm threatens to deliver a big blow to the southwest coast of Mexico.

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Posted at 01:40 PM ET, 10/10/2011

Hurricane Jova, dangerous category 3 storm, bears down on Mexico’s west coast

On a collision course with the west coast of Mexico, major hurricane Jova continues intensifying. Packing sustained winds of 125 mph, the high-end category 3 storm could reach “catastrophic” category 4 levels prior to landfall.

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Posted at 11:14 AM ET, 10/03/2011

United Kingdom sees October record heat; cool down on the way

Over the last week, parts of the United Kingdom have basked in unseasonable and historic warmth. Amazingly, the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK from September 29 to October 2 were surpassed.

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Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 09/30/2011

Typhoon Nalgae (Quiel) bears down on northern Philippines reeling from Nesat

Just four days after Typhoon Nesat (locally known as Pedring) ripped across the northern Philippines, a second dangerous typhoon threatens the same region. Intensifying Typhoon Nalgae (locally known as Quiel) is poised to tear through the northern part of Luzon island tonight (Saturday morning and afternoon local time).

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Posted at 11:17 AM ET, 09/28/2011

Tropical storm Ophelia regenerates, could clip Bermuda

Once in a great while, a tropical system rises from the dead. Count tropical storm Ophelia among the resurrected as of this morning. Located 215 miles east of the northern Leeward islands, its maximum sustained winds have grown to 50 mph. It’s currently drifting north-northwest at 3 mph but an increase in forward speed is forecast.

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Posted at 01:05 PM ET, 09/27/2011

Typhoon Nesat pounds Philippines, heads for south China

Typhoon Nesat crashed ashore the northern Philippines last night with peak sustained winds between105-120 mph. The powerful storm killed at least seven people according to reports. The storm made landfall at 4 a.m. local time in the northern provinces of Aurora and Isabela on Luzon Island.

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 09/23/2011

Rumblings within Indonesia’s Mount Tambora volcano: could eruption bring year without summer?

The eruption of the Mt. Tambora volcano in April 1815 was the largest and most deadly volcanic eruption in recorded history. Its sunlight dimming particles caused a major cooling in the global climate that led to1816’s “Year Without a Summer”. Experts are now saying that Mount Tambora is ready to erupt again as a sequence of earthquakes has been shaking the island at increasing frequency since April. Columns of ash are already venting as high as 4,600 feet.

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Posted at 11:05 AM ET, 09/21/2011

Typhoon Roke crashes into Japan

Packing sustained winds of 100 mph,equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane, Typhoon Roke made landfall at 1 a.m. EDT or 2 p.m. local time today in Honshu (south central mainland Japan), between the cities of Toyohashi and Hamamatsu, south of Tokyo. Tokyo experienced sustained tropical storm force winds with gusts reaching 83 mph.

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Posted at 12:53 PM ET, 09/20/2011

Dangerous Typhoon Roke rapidly strengthens, to rake Japan

Since yesterday, Typhoon Roke has undergone rapid intensification and presents a clear and present danger to large parts of Japan. Maximum sustained winds have increased from 80 to 130 miles per hour in just the last 24 hours. Roke is equivalent to a strong category 3 hurricane.

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 09/12/2011

Atlantic storm, once hurricane Katia, slams Scotland, northern Ireland

Late last week, hurricane Katia split the gap between the U.S. East Coast and Bermuda, sparing them high winds and rain, merely pushing ashore high surf. But over the weekend, Katia transitioned from a hurricane into a large, mid-latitude cyclone as it charged across the northern Atlantic. Yesterday and today, it is battering the northern portion of the United Kingdom with damaging winds and flooding rain.

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 08/19/2011

Stage collapses at Belgium concert, five dead; festival canceled

Less than a week after thunderstorm winds toppled a stage at a fair in Indiana, killing five and injuring 40, a similar set of circumstances occurred across the Atlantic. At the Pukkelpop music festival in Belgium yesterday, a fierce storm took down a stage, claiming five lives and injuring 140. As a result of the incident, the festival attended by 60,000 people and headlining Eminem, Foo Fighers, and The Offspring has been canceled says Post’s Pop Music blog Click Track.

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Posted at 10:15 AM ET, 08/16/2011

Rare snowstorm, cold blast hit New Zealand

An unusual outbreak of cold and snow has gripped many parts of New Zealand after a strong Antarctic front pushed northwards into normally mild parts of the country. The wintry blast is being described as a once-in-a-lifetime event, bringing snow to the capital city of Wellington and as far north as Auckland for the first time since the 1970s.

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Snow blankets parts of South Africa

Up to two feet of snow covered parts of eastern South Africa Tuesday, bringing traffic to a standstill along major routes and disrupting air and rail transportation. The snow also closed shops and schools.

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Rare snowfall on Earth’s driest desert in Chile

As much of the U.S. suffers through oppressive and dangerous heat and humidity, many regions in Australia and South America have experienced near or actual record cold and snow (it’s winter there). Most unusual was the wintry blast earlier in July which dumped 31.5 inches of snow, the heaviest snowfall in almost two decades, on the Atacama Desert region along the Pacific coast of Chile.

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Typhoon Ma-on projected to strike Japan Tuesday

Typhoon Ma-on, now as strong as a category four hurricane, continues on a path through the western Pacific towards Japan. The storm, located 270 nautical miles south-southeast of Iwo Jima, contains maximum sustained winds of about 130 mph. Currently moving west around 15 mph, track guidance steers Ma-on towards the coast of central Japan Tuesday morning, just southwest of Tokyo.

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Typhoon Ma-on poses new threat to Japan

Still in the midst of its long recovery from the earthquakes and tsunami of early March, Japan must now keep a watchful eye on typhoon Ma-on, rapidly intensifying in the western Pacific. The storm could impact the disaster-ravaged country early next week.

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Munich Re: Unprecedented year for natural disasters

After just six months, natural catastrophes have already resulted in a record $265 billion in global damages, surpassing the entirety of 2005, the previous record-holder, according to German reinsurer Munich Re.

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Video: Emirates Airlines plane struck by lightning

Multiple news organizations have reported lightning struck an Emirates Airlines plane landing in London Saturday. The plane - an Airbus A380 - wasn’t damaged and none of the 500 passengers were hurt.

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Royal Wedding weather forecast: Turning cooler with shower risk for London Friday

It was too good to be true. Anyone who knows anything about London weather knew the recent stretch of sunny, warm weather wouldn’t last forever. As Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big Royal Wedding day approaches, some of the warmest late April weather in more than 100 years is fading away. In its place, more typical London weather settles in.

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London, England: home of the world’s best weather

When you think of April weather in London, cloudy, rainy, and cool may come to mind. Not this year and not right now. The forecast for the next week is for nothing but sunshine and highs in the 70s (21 to 25 C).

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Video of day: Super sandstorm blasts Kuwait

Less than a week ago, Friday, March 25, a severe sandstorm very suddenly enveloped parts of Kuwait. It caused traffic jams, stranded travelers, disrupted cell phone service, damaged crops, hospitalized hundreds due to dust inhalation, and temporarily shut down Kuwait’s international airport. The Arab Times described the storm as a “tsunami of sand” with a “menacing black” wall of dust, noting it lowered visibility to almost zero.

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Cool technology: Robotic clouds for Qatar World Cup in 2022

When the soccer World Cup comes to Qatar in June 2022, heat ranks high as a concern for the comfort and safety of both players and spectators. The small middle eastern nation’s high temperature averages around 105-110 when the Cup is currently scheduled be played. Enter scientists at Qatar University who say they will develop remote-controlled robotic clouds to float above desert stadiums, blocking the blazing sun and cooling temperatures by up to 10 degrees.

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It’s World Meteorological Day

Wednesday, March 23, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), its 189 National Meteorological and Hydrological Services Members, and the worldwide meteorological community at large, celebrate WMO Day. Each year the celebration centers around a selected theme. This year’s theme is the “Climate for you”

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Computer models aid Japanese nuclear response

As the Japanese nuclear crisis continues to unfold, the airborne spread of radioactive materials from the stricken reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi power station continues to be a key concern of Japanese and American officials. To help determine the path that any hazardous emissions are likely to take, scientists are employing specialized computer models, known as “trajectory models,” which can take into account factors such as winds and temperatures aloft to determine how high a parcel of air is likely to climb, how far it may go, and where it may be within certain timeframes.

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Europe’s 2010 summer hottest in 500 years

A new study published in the journal Science indicates the extreme magnitude of the heat wave over Eastern Europe last summer probably made 2010 the hottest summer in Europe in more than 500 years.

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Queensland, Australia slammed by cyclone

Wednesday morning (Eastern Time), cyclone Yasi made landfall as a powerful Category Four storm (Category 5 on Australia's scale) along Australia's northeastern coast in Queensland with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph. (What we call hurricanes, Australian's call cyclones).

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Big snows in UK: Snowmageddon London-style

While winter is finally beginning to assert itself in the Eastern U.S., bitter cold, wind, and snow have been plaguing the United Kingdom (UK) and western Europe for weeks. Snow in the last 24 hours has closed London's Gatwick airport through at least tomorrow morning. Roads and trains have also been disrupted.

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Weather forecast for royal wedding now, seriously?

The international community is buzzing about the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton slated for April 29, 2011 in London. But will all the pomp and circumstance be dulled by dreary clouds and dampness or radiate under brilliant sunshine and warmth?

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Jews, Muslims, Christians pray for rain in West Bank

A five year drought motivated a rare interfaith prayer service yesterday in Al-Walajah, Israel, a village between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The Media Line - a news service in the Middle East - set the context: The rainy season should have begun over a month ago, but the skies remain blue on this November afternoon. In a land that has seen much bloodshed and no few miracles, these devout believe that now more than ever is the time for divine intervention.

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Typhoon Megi churns toward China

Massive Typhoon Megi, so big that it occupies half of the South China Sea according to NASA, continues on a collision course with the south coast of China.

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Typhoon Megi likely to track east of Hong Kong

Typhoon Megi has strengthened over the South China Sea to Category 4 intensity. Packing sustained winds to 135 mph, Megi is currently heading due north at just under 10 mph. The latest track forecast is good news for Hong Kong, as the storm center is now projected to make landfall to its east and north. However, Hong Kong is well within the track forecast "cone of uncertainty" and is likely to be impacted by the storm's wind and rain.

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Typhoon Megi eyes China coast, Hong Kong

While no longer the freakish category 5 storm that hammered the northern Philippines, Megi remains a formidable and expansive category 3 super typhoon in the South China Sea. Packing winds of 115 mph, the U.S Navy's Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) tracks Megi on a course to make its second landfall very close to Hong Kong Friday into Saturday. However, there is significant uncertainty in track details due to poor agreement among forecast models.

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Marveling at Super Typhoon Megi

Much has already been written about Super Typhoon Megi, the strongest tropical cyclone to hit a mass of land on the planet since Hurricane Dean in 2007. The one time Category 5 storm (now at Category 2), exhibited amazing satellite features prior to landfall

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Ann and Antarctica: How's the air down there?

* Calm into tomorrow: Full Forecast | Latest on snow threat * The Atmospheric Research Observatory at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Photo by Ann Posegate, courtesy of National Environmental Education Foundation. During my visit to the South Pole (see previous posts from my trip here), I had a chance to...

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Deja vu for China's weather modification program

* Cold is coming: Full Forecast | Saturday snow? | December weather * "Artificial Snowstorm Brings Chaos to Beijing" "Beijing Blanketed by Freak Government-Made Snow" "Rain Shell Makes a Corpse Explode" Beijing gets its first snow of the season early last month. Credit: Associated Press Yes, even the last headline...

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Artificial or Not, China Has Snow and D.C. Doesn't

* Our Full Forecast | Weather Channel Founder Talks Climate 'Scam' * So you want snow in D.C.? If so, perhaps we need to follow the example of China. As reported here and here, Chinese officials claim that the first snowfall of the season this week in Beijing was produced...

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Korea to Offer Forecaster "Fat Pay Package"

* Forecast: Messy Mixed Mid-Week | Snow Drought * Weather forecasting in Korea has a credibility problem. The situation is so bleak that its own meteorological association is looking outside its border for forecasting talent. The Korea Times reports: The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) ... has contacted several renowned weather...

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Top International Weather Events: 2008

* The Latest on Tomorrow's Wintry Mix: Full Forecast | InaugurationCast * Guest contributor Robert Henson recently ran down his selection of highest impact U.S. weather events of 2008 (1-5, 6-10), while CWG's Ann Posegate reviewed her choice of last year's top D.C. area weather stories. Weather, of course, knows...

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What the Hail? Weird Weather in England

Last week, a remarkable storm dumped a foot of hail in just two hours in a town about twelve miles east of Exeter in the United Kingdom. The combination of rain and hail caused "horrendous" flooding stranding motorists. The hail drifts, up to 6 feet high in places, paralyzed rescue...

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Buses and Tornadoes Don't Mix

Tornadoes and thunderstorms in south Poland Friday killed three people and injured many others according to news reports. One of these tornadoes allegedly slammed into a bus and flipped it, but caused no serious injuries. Amazingly, the bus-tornado collision was captured on video......

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Clean-Air Nightmare for Beijing Olympics

Wx and the City By Ann Posegate If I were an Olympic athlete with asthma, I'd be worried. With opening ceremonies just over a week away, smog has been covering the city of Beijing as of late, though recent wind and rain have made things better for the time being....

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Olympic Weather Prep Enters 'Actual Combat'

The China Meteorological Agency (CMA) has been busy preparing for the August Olympics in Beijing. In May, China launched the FengYun-3 A satellite, which will support enhanced weather forecasts during the Olympics, according to the CMA, and has already sent back images to support earthquake relief activities. This is the...

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Fixing Iraq's War-Torn Weather Service

War. What is it good for?... Not weather it seems. Weather services were among the infrastructure destroyed by the Iraq war. We hear this week of an agreement between the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help rehabilitate the Iraqi Meteorological Organization. WMO will...

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Bangladesh's Example for a Post-Nargis World

Tropical Cyclone Nargis, which exacted a staggering human toll on the politically isolated and poor country of Myanmar, has demonstrated once again that there is an urgent need for a more robust infrastructure in developing countries for issuing and disseminating warnings of natural hazards. Unlike when the deadly Indian Ocean...

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