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Our leaders time and again prove that they have very little understanding of how our economy really works and what policies hurt or help our economy.

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Political leaders need to address the faltering economy like a business person — roll up their sleeves, stop posturing and go to work on the problems.

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Eighteen years of work as owners of a small high tech business have taught us that we are the ones who must make sales and deliver products because no one else will

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I believe that much of the economic ills of the nation stem from the political ills of the nation.  I continue to believe that in Washington, partisanship has trumped good judgment and focus. 

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Politicians often remark that our country must be run more like a business. They are right. But the choices some of these politicians make suggest that they would be lousy businessmen.

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When you run a small business, your employees look to you to make the decisions that keep the company solvent and, hopefully, growing.  The goal is for all of us to have a more secure and prosperous future. 

Secor: Authority without responsibility

Over the past 32 years, the last 18 running a small manufacturing company, I have learned a number of valuable managerial lessons.  I would profess that there are three basic elements that a successful leader of any company or organization must address, comprehend and embrace: structure, culture and product.


Everyone says they want to help small businesses. President Obama took a major step toward that goal last month by adding the Small Business Administration (SBA) chief to his cabinet, and he also proposed merging the SBA with other agencies. But the president needs to go further.  What very small and small businesses need most is access to capital and business assistance.