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Viek: Government action should target microbusinesses

Everyone says they want to help small businesses. President Obama took a major step toward that goal last month by adding the Small Business Administration (SBA) chief to his cabinet, and he also proposed merging the SBA with other agencies. But the president needs to go further.  What very small and small businesses need most is access to capital and business assistance.

Van Winkle: Consolidation may hurt SBA mission

The federal government should pursue strategies to eliminate duplication and waste among its agencies.  However, the proposal to combine the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) with five other agencies will not achieve this objective and will harm the government’s efforts to assist small businesses.

Hamilton: Cross agency collaboration could help small business

Breaking news flashed across my screen on Friday the 13th: President Obama elevates Small Business Administration to cabinet level position;Karen Mills to be Cabinet Secretary.  I sat in amazement, thinking: Finally, the importance of small business to our economy is more than just the rhetoric of political pundits.  We’ll have a seat at the table and an advocate who understands not only the needs of small business owners, but also the roles we play in economic advancement.

Graham: Merger would help big business

President Obama has elevated the Small Business Administration head to a cabinet level position and is proposing to merge the agency with other business and trade agencies into a single entity.

Rosa: Merger could be win-win for SBA and small firms

On January 13, President Obama revealed his plan to collaborate a tangled web of agencies with duplicating services into one.  If given the authority, his plan is to consolidate six departments and agencies, including the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Department of Commerce. The president has also elevated the SBA administrator to a cabinet-level position.