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Telluride beyond the slopes: The Colorado town’s hidden assets by hot-air balloon
Aloft on the wind for a slow exploration of an area loved by skiers.
How good is Britney’s revamped show in Vegas? It converted a Vegas hater.
(The Washington Post, August 4, 2016; 7:00 PM)
A family shares the grandeur of Wyoming
(The Washington Post, August 4, 2016; 7:00 PM)
A hometown girl goes looking for the quirky heart of Houston
(The Washington Post, May 12, 2016; 7:35 PM)
Ever wanted to spend the night inside a giant wooden beagle? You can.
(The Washington Post, April 27, 2016; 1:28 PM)
The surprising accessibility of Aspen on a budget
(The Washington Post, March 17, 2016; 6:46 PM)
Namaste, y’all: Kicking back at a Texas-style New Age resort in Austin
(The Washington Post, February 25, 2016; 7:24 PM)
Older adventurers stay young at heart rafting the Grand Canyon’s rapids
(The Washington Post, January 7, 2016; 7:45 PM)
At Tucson’s Canyon Ranch spa, stressed guests learn to stroll instead of run
(The Washington Post, December 28, 2015; 12:54 PM)
Two hikers blaze their own trail at Utah’s Arches National Park
(The Washington Post, December 17, 2015; 7:00 PM)
Powder power: An East Coaster’s first tracks in Park City, Utah
(The Washington Post, December 3, 2015; 7:24 PM)
A snow dad reveals what makes a ski resort kid-friendly
(The Washington Post, December 3, 2015; 7:18 PM)
Soaking up Yellowstone National Park’s old-fashioned charm
(The Washington Post, November 25, 2015; 6:32 PM)
Exploring the natural beauty of southern Utah
(The Washington Post, October 8, 2015; 8:06 PM)
Cycling Montana’s Beartooth Highway, ‘the most beautiful drive in America’
(The Washington Post, September 16, 2015; 1:01 PM)
It’s a fielder’s choice: A father-son team visits five MLB stadiums
(The Washington Post, September 10, 2015; 6:52 PM)
An equally great way to hit Colorado’s slopes: Without the snow. Here’s how.
(The Washington Post, June 25, 2015; 7:29 PM)
Finding solid footing while traversing the Grand Canyon
(The Washington Post, May 28, 2015; 6:52 PM)
Where to find a respite from the neon in Las Vegas
(The Washington Post, March 26, 2015; 7:33 PM)
As if skiing could give you more of a rush: Just add a helicopter
(The Washington Post, February 12, 2015; 7:03 PM)
In the Four Corners of the Southwest, hearing the story the desert has to tell
(The Washington Post, September 26, 2013; 7:25 PM)
A 50th birthday bash in Vegas
(The Washington Post, June 8, 2013; 12:00 PM)
Getting your chili pepper fix in Las Cruces, N.M.
(The Washington Post, April 25, 2013; 6:23 PM)
On Utah’s Cedar Mesa, solitude and the thrill of discovery
(The Washington Post, April 18, 2013; 7:10 PM)
Two-stepping her way across Texas
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2013; 6:59 PM)
Houston, attracting serious eaters
(The Washington Post, December 6, 2012; 2:25 PM)
In Jackson Hole, living the high life in a side-country yurt
(The Washington Post, November 23, 2012; 1:05 PM)
In Telluride, Colo., a positively Alpine feel
(The Washington Post, November 23, 2012; 11:58 AM)
In the Southwest, year-round fall colors
(The Washington Post, September 28, 2012; 3:28 PM)
Wheeling through Colorado’s high country
(The Washington Post, August 17, 2012; 1:07 PM)
Is Denver the Capitol in “The Hunger Games”? Our author hunts for clues.
(The Washington Post, March 30, 2012; 12:11 PM)
Winter, a grand time to see the Grand Canyon
(The Washington Post, December 30, 2011; 3:54 PM)
What makes San Angelo, Tex., distinctive
(The Washington Post, October 7, 2011; 2:20 PM)
So you think you can dance?
(The Washington Post, September 2, 2011; 9:45 AM)
Vegas embraces its mob past
(The Washington Post, August 26, 2011; 1:54 PM)
Glacier National Park on ice
(The Washington Post, August 5, 2011; 11:40 AM)
Boulder City, Nev.: No need to bypass it
(The Washington Post, July 8, 2011; 2:08 PM)
Dallas/Fort Worth beaches, y’all
(The Washington Post, July 1, 2011; 11:28 AM)
The Impulsive Traveler: Oklahoma City, beyond the bombing
(The Washington Post, April 8, 2011; 1:33 PM)
Postcard from Tom: A pair of Vegas restaurants from a Washington chef
(The Washington Post, March 4, 2011; 11:17 AM)
The Impulsive Traveler: Spring training in Arizona, on Native American land
(The Washington Post, March 4, 2011; 11:12 AM)