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Paying your credit accounts on time — every month — is the surefire way to boost your credit score.
The percentage of consumers with a perfect 850 credit score is up slightly. Here’s how they achieved perfection.
(The Washington Post, September 24, 2019; 6:45 PM)
Keeping the Consumer Protection complaints database public is a big win for consumers
(The Washington Post, September 20, 2019; 10:00 AM)
College degrees don’t always prepare applicants for a job. Employers demand them anyway.
(The Washington Post, September 17, 2019; 5:28 PM)
You’ve stopped working. Now go out and make money.
(The Washington Post, September 13, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Average FICO credit score hits new high — which is good news for borrowers and the economy
(The Washington Post, September 10, 2019; 7:54 PM)
Apple Card’s cash-back reward doesn’t impress me. Here’s why.
(The Washington Post, September 6, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Hurricanes can bring financial disasters. Are you prepared?
(The Washington Post, September 3, 2019; 5:48 PM)
Student debt forgiveness isn’t worth a toxic workplace
(The Washington Post, August 30, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Separate checks and tipping decisions can set off distasteful round of judgment
(The Washington Post, August 27, 2019; 7:45 PM)
The number of workers becoming retirement-plan millionaires hits record highs
(The Washington Post, August 23, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Recession fears should prompt you to revisit your investment strategies
(The Washington Post, August 20, 2019; 11:47 AM)
Millennials — it’s not too early for you to start investing now
(The Washington Post, August 16, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Why it’s bad form to charge your friends for a celebration you’re hosting
(The Washington Post, August 13, 2019; 3:53 PM)
Here’s how to avoid being blindsided by your 2019 taxes
(The Washington Post, August 9, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Can Equifax’s credit monitoring offer be trusted?
(The Washington Post, August 6, 2019; 5:57 PM)
The Equifax settlement has already spawned deceptive websites
(The Washington Post, August 2, 2019; 8:00 AM)
If a Capital One credit card is in your wallet, here’s how you can protect yourself
(The Washington Post, July 30, 2019; 4:24 PM)
How the Equifax data breach settlement could be better
(The Washington Post, July 26, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Why you can’t rely on generous grandparents to fund your child’s college
(The Washington Post, July 23, 2019; 8:17 PM)
Desperate for relief from student-loan debt? Just don’t fall prey to scammers.
(The Washington Post, July 19, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Community college should be a first choice, not a last resort
(The Washington Post, July 16, 2019; 3:50 PM)
Consumer agency’s $25 million settlement with Freedom Debt Relief shows the risks of such programs
(The Washington Post, July 12, 2019; 8:00 AM)
Security alerts on credit cards work. Just be sure to set them at the lowest amount possible.
(The Washington Post, July 9, 2019; 6:42 PM)
Talking to mom and dad about their money isn’t easy. But don’t wait until it’s too late
(The Washington Post, July 5, 2019; 3:12 PM)
Your friend has no place to live and $150,000 in student loans. Should you let her move in with you?
(The Washington Post, July 3, 2019; 9:22 AM)
I don’t care how high the price of bitcoin gets. It’s still too risky for the average investor.
(The Washington Post, June 28, 2019; 3:52 PM)
Your maid of honor is not made of cash
(The Washington Post, June 19, 2019; 5:04 PM)
Gloria Vanderbilt jeans made me feel good about myself
(The Washington Post, June 18, 2019; 7:06 PM)
Thinking about welcoming adult children back into the nest? Consider these tips before deciding
(The Washington Post, June 14, 2019; 7:30 AM)
Women can — and should — take charge of their personal finances
(The Washington Post, June 11, 2019; 3:00 PM)
Need help preventing hackers from accessing your private data? Follow Jeni Rogers’s advice
(The Washington Post, June 7, 2019; 7:30 AM)
How playing blackjack proved I was a natural-born saver
(The Washington Post, May 31, 2019; 12:07 PM)
How quickly should new graduates start saving for retirement?
(The Washington Post, May 23, 2019; 4:41 PM)
Robert Smith will pay Morehouse graduates’ student loans. Will there be a tax bill to pay?
(The Washington Post, May 21, 2019; 4:11 PM)
Don’t keep debt around like it’s a Pet Rock
(The Washington Post, May 16, 2019; 4:17 PM)
Stop costing people money -- show some RSVP R-E-S-P-E-C-T
(The Washington Post, May 14, 2019; 4:11 PM)
Got a grievance against a credit bureau? Post your complaint here, and you’re more likely to get a response.
(The Washington Post, May 10, 2019; 5:17 PM)
Here’s how to develop a criminal mind to protect your personal data
(The Washington Post, May 7, 2019; 2:51 PM)
When to cut off financial help to adult children
(The Washington Post, May 2, 2019; 6:05 PM)
One way to save on your wedding: Pick a destination people won’t travel to
(The Washington Post, April 30, 2019; 5:41 PM)
Stop with the destination weddings.
(The Washington Post, April 25, 2019; 2:54 PM)
What ‘Junk’ tells us about America’s relationship with debt
(The Washington Post, April 23, 2019; 4:01 PM)
The excellent ‘Fast Color’ shows women of color with superpowers, literally
(The Washington Post, April 19, 2019; 12:01 AM)
Save money on your 2019 taxes by starting now
(The Washington Post, April 18, 2019; 2:29 PM)
Tax Day is over — and Trump’s tax bill is even less popular after people see their returns
(The Washington Post, April 17, 2019; 3:58 PM)
Tax Day is April 15. Next, beware of IRS scams.
(The Washington Post, April 11, 2019; 6:24 PM)
How filing for a tax extension can pile on to what you owe the IRS
(The Washington Post, April 9, 2019; 3:42 PM)
How middle-class families could get more financial aid for college
(The Washington Post, April 4, 2019; 5:46 PM)
Credit card vs. debit card: Wow Air’s shutdown shows which is better.
(The Washington Post, April 2, 2019; 5:16 PM)
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