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From ‘Trump bump’ to ‘Trump slump’: How to navigate your investments
Keep your long-term goals in mind, financial advisers say.
The financial case for welcoming your adult children back home
(The Washington Post, May 16, 2017; 8:33 PM)
These grandparents deserve the support of Congress
(The Washington Post, May 12, 2017; 12:45 PM)
Twin reports by Pew show many families are economically fragile
(The Washington Post, May 9, 2017; 5:50 PM)
Let’s face it, your millennial is still really a financial rookie
(The Washington Post, May 6, 2017; 11:11 PM)
The Obama-era workplace retirement plans that the GOP wants to kill
(The Washington Post, May 2, 2017; 6:42 PM)
How my daughter managed to finish college free of debt
(The Washington Post, April 28, 2017; 5:41 PM)
Five lessons we can all learn from federal workers who may be facing a furlough
(The Washington Post, April 25, 2017; 4:55 PM)
Don’t let Congress block consumer protections for prepaid card users
(The Washington Post, April 21, 2017; 11:18 AM)
The college graduate with a double major — and no debt
(The Washington Post, April 18, 2017; 5:21 PM)
Yes, all debt is bad debt
(The Washington Post, April 14, 2017; 10:30 AM)
Airlines have the right to bump you, so don’t get carried away
(The Washington Post, April 11, 2017; 4:57 PM)
How to protect yourself — and your wallet — from fake news
(The Washington Post, April 7, 2017; 1:06 PM)
What do we as a society owe the poor?
(The Washington Post, April 4, 2017; 5:51 PM)
The next face of poverty could be yours
(The Washington Post, March 31, 2017; 8:14 AM)
Stuck in neutral? Here’s how nervous homeowners can color their world.
(The Washington Post, March 30, 2017; 7:00 AM)
Yes, pro athletes often make poor money decisions early in their careers. But didn’t you, too?
(The Washington Post, March 28, 2017; 4:02 PM)
I wrote about being a child on Medicaid. A reader called me the N-word.
(The Washington Post, March 24, 2017; 4:25 PM)
Claiming deceitful tax deductions could get you put in the doghouse
(The Washington Post, March 21, 2017; 8:00 PM)
I spent my childhood on Medicaid, and Trump’s plan to roll it back is disastrous
(The Washington Post, March 17, 2017; 8:26 AM)
How to tell if your tax preparer is a crook
(The Washington Post, March 15, 2017; 10:28 AM)
This is how the rich think
(The Washington Post, March 10, 2017; 3:55 PM)
Five ways to increase your risk of the IRS auditing your taxes
(The Washington Post, March 7, 2017; 4:32 PM)
The alarming consequences of co-signing your child’s student loans
(The Washington Post, March 3, 2017; 9:41 AM)
Are you saving enough for retirement?
(The Washington Post, February 28, 2017; 6:16 PM)
Preemptive defense mounts for consumer watchdog director Richard Cordray
(The Washington Post, February 24, 2017; 5:53 PM)
Family and money: A lesson in accepting what you cannot change
(The Washington Post, February 21, 2017; 3:59 PM)
She’s 30 and lives in her parents’ basement. Should they support her boyfriend, too?
(The Washington Post, February 17, 2017; 12:27 PM)
Advice for retirees rattled by Trump
(The Washington Post, February 14, 2017; 3:32 PM)
Should your financial adviser act in your best interest? You decide.
(The Washington Post, February 9, 2017; 5:11 PM)
Even if you’re dying to get your tax refund, don’t get an advance
(The Washington Post, February 7, 2017; 4:11 PM)
Stop lying to yourself about money
(The Washington Post, February 3, 2017; 4:02 PM)
If these Girl Scouts can work out a budget, you can, too
(The Washington Post, January 31, 2017; 5:18 PM)
Financial discipline is an everyday practice
(The Washington Post, January 27, 2017; 9:58 AM)
The upside to clearing the clutter in your financial life
(The Washington Post, January 24, 2017; 4:01 PM)
When it’s safe to scrap paper receipts, tax records
(The Washington Post, January 20, 2017; 1:38 PM)
The best way to get rid of a credit card
(The Washington Post, January 17, 2017; 5:43 PM)
To cut down on clutter, cut up some of your credit cards
(The Washington Post, January 14, 2017; 12:33 AM)
To clean up your financial life, first assess the mess
(The Washington Post, January 10, 2017; 4:02 PM)
Join the challenge: #NoDebtNoMess
(The Washington Post, January 6, 2017; 11:55 AM)
Resolve to take a closer look at your retirement account
(The Washington Post, January 3, 2017; 6:01 PM)
In praise of penny-pinching, a most American trait
(The Washington Post, December 30, 2016; 1:04 PM)
Your strategy to contain the costs of long-term care
(The Washington Post, September 27, 2016; 4:01 PM)
Tough questions about long-term care insurance
(The Washington Post, September 24, 2016; 11:57 PM)
For federal workers, a chance to lock in life insurance
(The Washington Post, September 20, 2016; 3:55 PM)
Trouble paying the bills? Set some financial rules and stick to them.
(The Washington Post, September 17, 2016; 12:42 PM)
Know your rules of thumb for credit card use
(The Washington Post, September 13, 2016; 4:06 PM)
Debt, the financial version of a weight-loss struggle
(The Washington Post, September 9, 2016; 11:36 AM)
The facts on how your credit report can factor into a job offer
(The Washington Post, September 6, 2016; 3:48 PM)
The Color of Money Book Club: ‘Making Social Security Work for You’
(The Washington Post, September 2, 2016; 2:35 PM)
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