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Who’s winning Indiana: Live election results

Election Nov. 8. Get information about how to vote in Indiana here. See primary results here.

What's happening in Indiana
Updated Nov. 8 at 10:15 p.m.

Republican Todd C. Young has beaten Evan Bayh, a Democrat, in the race for the Indiana Senate seat currently held by Daniel Coats (R).

Bayh once had a double-digit lead in the polls over Young, but headlines about his lobbying career and questions over how much time he spends in the state have dogged him through the end of the campaign.

Republican Eric Holcomb has beaten John Gregg, a Democrat, in the race to be governor of Indiana.

Leading up to the election, Republicans looked liked they would hold onto most of the open gubernatorial seats. Gov. Mike Pence (R) stepped down to run as Donald Trump’s vice president, leaving a relatively short time to introduce voters to Holcomb. Gregg is leading Holcomb in the polls, but Indiana is expected to vote Trump and it could be that carries down-ballot as well.

All of Indiana's House seats have been decided. Republicans have held seven seats, while Democrats have held two. Every House seat is up for election every two years.

Indiana voted for Republican businessman Donald Trump in Tuesday’s presidential election.

Past votes

Voters in Indiana have picked the winning candidate in election cycles since 1972. In 2012, they voted for with % of the vote. Below, look at the winner and margin of victory in the state, and which candidates went on to win the election.

Elected president

2012 presidential results
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