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Who’s winning Nevada: Live election results

Election Nov. 8. Get information about how to vote in Nevada here. See primary results here.

What's happening in Nevada
Updated Nov. 9 at 4:02 a.m.

Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto has beaten Joseph J. Heck, a Republican, in the race for the Nevada Senate seat currently held by Harry Reid (D).

While democrats have had the advantage in the heavily Hispanic swing state, Heck led Cortez Masto in every public poll until he rescinded his support for Donald Trump the day after the release of the "Access Hollywood" tapes.

All of Nevada's House seats have been decided; two switched hands, all going to Democrats. Republicans have held one seat, while Democrats have held one. Every House seat is up for election every two years.

Nevada voted for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic former secretary of state, in Tuesday’s presidential election.

Past votes

Voters in Nevada have picked the winning candidate in election cycles since 1972. In 2012, they voted for with % of the vote. Below, look at the winner and margin of victory in the state, and which candidates went on to win the election.

Elected president

2012 presidential results

President Trump continues to insist the Democrats are responsible for any story relating to Russian interference in the 2016 election, despite a year's worth of evidence to the contrary.

The offer of damaging information on Clinton came as the chaotic Trump campaign was scrambling to catch up.

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