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New York primary election results

The New Hampshire primaries are Feb. 9. Delegates at stake: 24 pledged for Democrats, 23 bound for Republicans.

What to watch for in New York

On Tuesday, New York holds its primaries for both parties. Democratic candidates will battle for 247 available delegates, while Republican candidates vie for 95. The Democratic race is particularly embattled after last week's debate. While Bernie Sanders has been able to get large crowds to come out and voice support, Hillary Clinton is still ahead in state polls by double digits.

Latest polls

Here’s a look at how the presidential candidates are faring in New York. Each dot represents a candidate's five most recent surveys. Filled dots show a candidate's polling average.

Last updated:
Source: Washington Post analysis and data from Huffington Post's Pollster.
Independent expenditures

Super PACs have spent supporting and opposing current presidential candidates in New York. The super PACs are technically independent. They are required to identify the money they spend in favor of or against specific candidates.

Note: Candidates with no associated independent spending not shown.
Source: Federal Election Commission
Top national fundraisers

Area of rectangles represents total campaign contributions for each candidate nationally. The shaded portion represents cash on hand.

Note: A previous version of this graphic displayed net rather than total contributions.
Source: Federal Election Commission

The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said a “process” is in place to verify such data from Ukraine, warning “it could be Russian propaganda.”

Trump’s victory traumatized many Democrats. It’s bigger than Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders.

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