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Tennessee primary election results

The New Hampshire primaries are Feb. 9. Delegates at stake: 24 pledged for Democrats, 23 bound for Republicans.

What to watch for in Tennessee

Eleven states hold Democratic and Republican primaries on "Super Tuesday," also called the SEC Primary for the concentration of Southern states voting that day. The number of states voting that day pose a challenge to candidates, who can’t be at all of them at once - but there’s some expectation that the day’s events could favor the frontrunners. Tuesday’s primaries have Democratic candidates battling for the 38 available delegates in Oklahoma, and Republican candidates vying for 43. Trump and Clinton are expected to lead their respective primaries in recent polls.




Past votes

Whom did voters pick in previous elections and who won the nomination? Here's a historic look at votes cast in Tennessee. Dots show what percent of the vote a candidate received and white dots show who won the eventual nomination. Nominees with a star went on to be elected president.

Source: Post research
Latest polls

Here’s a look at how the presidential candidates are faring in Tennessee. Each dot represents a candidate's five most recent surveys. Filled dots show a candidate's polling average.

Last updated:
Source: Washington Post analysis and data from Huffington Post's Pollster.
Independent expenditures

Super PACs have spent supporting and opposing current presidential candidates in Tennessee. The super PACs are technically independent. They are required to identify the money they spend in favor of or against specific candidates.

Note: Candidates with no associated independent spending not shown.
Source: Federal Election Commission
Top national fundraisers

Area of rectangles represents total campaign contributions for each candidate nationally. The shaded portion represents cash on hand.

Note: A previous version of this graphic displayed net rather than total contributions.
Source: Federal Election Commission

Impeachment has prompted a renewed focus on Russia’s 2016 interference.

Illinois is one of two states where Russians penetrated voter databases in 2016.

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