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At-Large Member State Board of Education

Candidate Votes Pct.
Ashley Carter 93,235 42%
Mary Lord 82,716 37%
Tony Donaldson Jr. 46,526 21%

State Board of Education Member Ward 2

Candidate Votes Pct.
Jack Jacobson 21,136 100%

State Board of Education Member Ward 4

Candidate Votes Pct.
Lannette Woodruff 29,500 100%

State Board of Education Member Ward 7

Candidate Votes Pct.
Karen Williams 13,339 49%
Dorothy Douglas 10,285 38%
Marla M. Dean 3,570 13%

State Board of Education Member Ward 8

Candidate Votes Pct.
Markus Batchelor 8,660 35%
Tierra Jolly 8,157 33%
Shakira T. Hemphill 7,840 32%

The retirement board is responsible for maintaining the multibillion-dollar trust fund used to disburse pensions to more than 25,000 retirees who have worked for the District’s public schools and its police and fire departments. An August subpoena sought documentation of a variety of financial transactions, including records of payments to those who handle the pension fund’s investments.

The expansion would add an option for paid medical leave and boost the permissible leave from eight weeks to 12 weeks.

D.C. public schools will be required to notify parents within 24 hours if any student in their child’s classroom tests positive for the coronavirus, under new legislation passed by the city council Tuesday.

Secularists are organizing. Their activism could begin to influence the Democratic party.

  • Mark Brockway
  • ·

White working class voters were moving to the Republican party before Trump. He stopped the trend.

  • Nicholas Carnes, Noam Lupu
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