Utah 3rd Congressional District special election results

In August, John Curtis, the mayor of Provo, Utah, won the race for the Republican nomination to fill the House seat vacated by retired Rep. Jason Chaffetz. In Utah’s conservative 3rd District, Curtis is well positioned against Democratic nominee Kathie Allen and several third-party candidates including Jim Bennett, the son of late Republican senator Robert F. Bennett.
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The diplomatic community is gearing up for witnesses to be called to testify in a likely Senate impeachment trial, and raising money to cover legal fees.

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In the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing, Democrats and Republicans are likely to reveal starkly different views of federal employees.

The trip comes as House Democrats are working to draft articles of impeachment against Trump that it could vote on as soon as this week.

‘I’m asking for your help’: Biden tries to make up ground in Iowa on ‘No Malarkey’ bus tour

Former vice president Joe Biden has spent less time in Iowa than any other top-tier candidate. With the caucuses approaching, he spent eight days touring the state.

Trump: ‘America will always stand with the Iranian people’

Trump was addressing the Israeli-American Council’s annual summit, where he also offered condolences for the shooting at the U.S. Navy air base in Pensacola that killed three and wounded eight others. Unrest in Iran began on Nov. 15 after the government abruptly raised fuel prices by as much as 300 percent, spreading to more than 100 cities and towns where young and working-class protesters demanded clerical leaders step down. Tehran has given no official death toll but Amnesty International it had documented the deaths of at least 208 protesters, making the disturbances the bloodiest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The 45-minute speech to the Israeli American Council hewed to a script more than many of the president’s rally jeremiads.

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