A long-awaited decision on 5G deployment means new technology could interfere with weather satellites.

A bipartisan group of senators wants President Trump's administration to suspend its approval of U.S. technology sales to China’s Huawei, saying it poses risks to national security.

The China threat looms large.

Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone should put their differences aside to cut costs and raise money by combining their cellphone tower businesses.

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The extra payments and strong sales figures suggest the Chinese tech giant is holding up in the face of Washington’s pressure campaign.

As many as 10 million customers have reportedly signed up for super-fast data plans already.

Several years ago, Pine Telephone spent $32 million on equipment from the Chinese tech giant Huawei to bring Internet service to its portion of rural Oklahoma. The move helped create a Web-fueled tourism industry where unemployment was 12 percent. Now Pine Telephone is contemplating having to remove its Huawei equipment as the U.S. and China battle over security and trade issues.

A fight over the auctioning off of new radio spectrum for 5G is pitting U.S. science agencies against the telecommunications industry.

The cloud gaming service is the next step in Microsoft's vision of a disc-less future.

The Trump administration added several dozen more Huawei affiliates to a trade blacklist Monday, but also extended a temporary reprieve that will allow some U.S. companies to continue doing business with the Chinese tech company for at least the next three months.

The $26 billion merger between T-Mobile and Sprint secured final approval on Friday from the Department of Justice, where regulators blessed the combination of the country’s third- and fourth-largest wireless carriers after they agreed to sell off a critical portion of their business to Dish Network.

Loon — an Internet-providing balloon service owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company — will give “mountain villagers” in Kenya the opportunity to purchase 4G service.

American Airlines just overhauled its WiFi, and experts say there's reason to be optimistic about staying connected in the sky.

Tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler answers your questions about making devices last longer and keeping prying eyes at bay.

U.S. officials on Thursday blocked a Chinese state-owned telecom company from operating here and offering phone services to American customers, while sounding fresh fears that Beijing seeks to snoop on U.S. communications networks.

The department warned that the outcome in the case could hurt the ability of U.S. companies to compete in 5G wireless technology.

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The Trump administration is betting on the wrong technology.

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