Democracy Dies in Darkness
The program should begin around 11:30 a.m. ET, with Biden sworn in at noon.
The virtual “Parade Across America” begins at 3:15 p.m.
“Celebrating America,” with Tom Hanks begins at 8:30 p.m. ET
Readers expressed their hopes for the next administration and wrote of their personal sorrows in letters to president-elect Biden.
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In his last full day in office, President Trump pardoned former adviser Stephen K. Bannon, GOP donor Elliott Broidy and a raft of well-connected celebrities, politicians and nonviolent drug offenders.
(Graeme Sloan/Bloomberg)
Unsealed court documents allege some who attacked the Capitol communicated as they breached opposite sides of the building and talked about hunting for lawmakers to make “citizen’s arrests.”
Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Post
Trump is fifth president to skip the inauguration. Who were the others?
Presidential inaugurations are meant to be bipartisan and unifying. President Trump is the first outgoing president in 152 years to refuse to attend.
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The vice president has often taken on jobs that, in other administrations, might have gone to the man on top. That role has intensified in the last few weeks.
If confirmed, Austin will face a host of other challenges, including a rising China and defense alliances strained by hostility from Trump.
A former staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Biden, as a senator, was its chairman, the nominee echoed the president-elect’s intention to rewrite Trump foreign policy, including on Iran and Cuba.
Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma appears on a video recording of a livestream addressing teachers at an annual event he hosts to recognize rural educators on Wednesday. (Bloomberg)
After the most fraught U.S. presidential transition in living memory, world leaders and top officials, along with ordinary people across the globe, are watching closely as Joe Biden’s inauguration approaches.
He often broke with tradition, shaking up an otherwise staid ethic of hobnobbing, handshakes and scripted remarks and showing little fear of snubbing U.S. allies or appearing to cozy up to adversaries.
The system is designed to combat airborne germs such as the coronavirus.
Complaints over distribution is sparking friction among local leaders and forcing some jurisdictions in the Washington region to pause appointments.
Members of the National Guard walk near the Capitol at sunrise amid preparations for Wednesday’s inauguration. (Matt McClain/The Post)
Sidelined by a pandemic and an attempted insurrection, millions of Biden-Harris supporters reluctantly prepare for Jan. 20 at home.
More than 180 countries across the globe have pushed for the International Monetary Fund to approve emergency financial backing for nations reeling from the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus.
During a private briefing Tuesday morning, industry officials said their expectations for successfully completing all the test objectives had been only “50/50.”
(The Frick Collection, New York)
A heron, a shepherd and a rabbit all add to a sense of dazzling profusion and potential in Giovanni Bellini’s “St. Francis in the Desert.”
This Swiss Oscar submission paints a portrait of a woman trying to save her brother’s life.