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Japanese public opinion on the Olympics is mixed, from disappointed former ticket-holders to those who oppose the Tokyo Games. But many residents said that now that the Games have begun, they want to enjoy the event and experience it however they can.
Struggling with covid, the island nation finds solace in its reigning Olympic champions.
Tina Charles tries to pass against Elizabeth Balogun during an exhibition game. (Getty Images)
Tina Charles is leading the WNBA in scoring but will come off the bench for a stacked U.S. women's basketball team.


Number of gold, silver, and bronze medals earned by each participating country
RankCountryGold Medals ReceivedSilver Medals ReceivedBronze Medals ReceivedTotal Medals Received
T1United States83819
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The Wyoming Republican will be one of two members of the panel to deliver an opening statement at the committee’s first public hearing Tuesday.
Barrack, who lobbied on behalf of the United Arab Emirates, appeared in a Brooklyn courtroom on Monday.
Pedestrians cross Westminster Bridge in London on Monday. (Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images)
Some U.S. economists wonder if the United Kingdom will be the “canary in the coal mine” as Prime Minister Boris Johnson pursues an aggressive reopening.
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(John Farrell/The Washington Post)
Some people are catching coronavirus after being vaccinated. Johns Hopkins University infectious disease expert Lisa Maragakis gives advice on how to stay safe.
The expanded House investigation centers on efforts to blunt the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports by Trump appointees worried that they undermined the former president’s more optimistic spin on the coronavirus pandemic.
In an interview over the weekend, he blamed government pressure. That’s sort of right, but not in the way he meant.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has flouted mask mandates even as coronavirus cases in his state climb. (AP)
The warrant against Rep. Philip Cortez, who has returned to D.C., is only enforceable in Texas.
In a statement, the panel noted that the Ohio Democrat had paid a fine before her release and that no additional legal action was expected from the July 15 episode.
The mayor’s office said the D.C. Council should not burden residents with additional taxes when the city is flush with federal funds.
Officials at the Maryland hospital said the demand speaks to the community’s need for medical care.
Car enthusiasts meet up for Cars and Coffee in July, a weekend tradition in Great Falls, Va. (Robb Hill for The Post)
Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin, the Democrat and Republican running for governor, reside less than six miles apart in the state’s wealthiest pocket.
(Evert Nelson/AP)
Workers at the Topeka plant had called on the snack food giant to end forced overtime and 84-hour workweeks when the walkout began July 5.
Health-care chatbots have been used for years, but exploded in popularity over the past year as the system became overwhelmed with covid-related questions and treatment.
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The Nationals have dropped five straight games to fall nine back of the New York Mets in the division. (Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Andrew McCutchen’s three-run home run off Brad Hand sent the Nationals to another gutting loss Monday in Philadelphia.
The schools won't renew their media rights deal with the Big 12, signaling their intent to depart.
Coaching courses began in July and will run into December, overlapping with league schedules and, in the case of the three men’s national team players, the Gold Cup.