Democracy Dies in Darkness
Rich democracies meeting in Britain sought to send a message that they were back in business after a surge in vaccinations and the exit of a disruptive American president.
Recent conflict and political developments have turned a spotlight on a community often caught between two worlds.
The historic verdict could have far-reaching consequences for the loosely regulated U.S. fertility industry.
Of course, it’s harder to build a message against big government spending after the Trump administration oversaw a roughly $9 trillion jump in the federal debt, with 2020 spending hitting new levels to battle the twin health and economic crises.
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The rare cooperation between Republicans and Democrats underscores the mounting interest in overhauling federal anti-monopoly laws. The measures would outlaw some of the common ways Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google allegedly solidified their digital dominance and, in the most severe instances, force them to sell off lines of business that represent a conflict of interest.
At Marbury Plaza in Southeast Washington, lack of AC is just the latest problem. Now, residents are looking for a way out.
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Amtrak's Northeast Corridor stretches between Washington and Boston. It's a busy stretch of railroad, with parts that date back almost 150 years.
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The announcement follows reports that the department had, in addition to pursuing reporters’ digital data, sought the records of prominent Trump critics on the House Intelligence Committee.
The change on an issue that had exposed a political divide applies to the House floor and committee rooms.
A woman sells "Trump Won" hats and t-shirts at the North Carolina GOP convention last week in Greenville, N.C. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters)
The FixAnalysis
In this video series, The Washington Post examines how former president Donald Trump took control of the Republican Party and what it means for the party moving forward.
As President Biden and other world leaders meet at the G-7 summit, there is growing concern about how U.S. policy could affect global trends.
American Anne Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and flew back to the United States after striking and killing British teenager Harry Dunn. Sacoolas was working in the United Kingdom for a U.S. intelligence agency, as was her husband, her lawyer told a Virginia court.
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his spouse, Carrie Johnson, attend a reception on the sidelines of the G7 summit on Friday. (Jack Hill/Pool/Reuters)
The Education Department  announced a one-year delay in implementing major changes to the federal financial aid application, which Congress secured in the year-end spending package.
Regardless of vaccination status, people must continue to wear masks when indoors and on all modes of transportation, said the CDC.
Josh Jones sands chairs on the back patio of the Westin in Snowmass Village, Colo., on May 12, 2020. (Kelsey Brunner/Aspen Times/AP)
Driving the change is an increased movement by hotels away from daily room cleaning, a change accelerated during the pandemic as a safety protocol.
Metro’s Cleveland Park station will be one of two Red Line stops closed for at least two weekends in August to upgrade ventilation fans, the transit agency said. (Katherine Frey/The Post)
A Metro tunnel ventilation and platform canopy replacement project will cause months of delays and station closures on the Red Line starting next month through the end of the year.
Dawson Thomson, 2, and Sean Thomson, 34, were found Friday.
A 31-year-old IT worker heard a woman screaming in the parking lot.
The northern section of Beach Drive will stay car-free at least into the fall.
Two of the world's biggest soccer tournaments overlap this month. Here's where to find fans of your favorite team, or just a great soccer bar.
Dauphine’s nails so many of the details, with design to match.
Our favorite activities are coming back as restrictions officially lift across the region.
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In the wake of the recent fighting, we asked a Palestinian American entrepreneur who lives near Ramallah and an Israeli journalist who lives near Tel Aviv to correspond with each other.
The surgeon who treated the war wounds of the former senator was Armenian. Now, finally, the United States, has formally recognized the 1915 atrocity.
The Nationals’ ace recorded just one out before leaving with an apparent leg injury, adding another layer of struggle to a team already on uncertain ground.
With victory over Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic turns to Sunday's French Open final with a chance to move within one of Roger Federer and Nadal's record-tying 20 Grand Slams.
Donovan Mitchell has the support of a fervent fan base in Utah. (Rick Bowmer/AP)
A Jazz reprise has old and new NBA fans dancing together in Utah.
NFL players in Baltimore and Washington are used to noisy, intrusive onlookers, but these ones have wings and number in the billions.
The NBA legend, who helped pick the finalists for his namesake award, says activism is in the league’s DNA.
This collective societal wake-up call has been strangely comforting — hundreds of millions of people suddenly understand with searing clarity the odd psychological challenge of being at home alone all day.
You were raised to believe you had the inescapable responsibility to be perfect at everything. It’s making you miserable.
Wealthy ex-wife is inviting a large group that likes to drink. Should he pay half?
Reader is annoyed that one night she made dinner and he didn’t eat it.
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We have everything you need to know to prep for the video-game industry’s showcase event, including how to watch online, the presentation schedule and the big reveals that have already happened.
Silhouettes mark the dissonance between society’s control and one’s sense of self.