Democracy Dies in Darkness
The massive early turnout is roughly 65 percent of the 139 million votes cast in 2016, and it essentially guarantees that, for the first time in history, a majority of ballots will be cast before Election Day. The turnout has upended the presidential campaigns’ expectations of which states would be pivotal to their path to victory.
The TakeAnalysis
Strategists agree that, were it not for what happened in 2016, it would be easier to predict the outcome with confidence.
The president holds narrow leads over Joe Biden in states he won handily in 2016, forcing the GOP to spend money to save Senate seats.
“There isn’t enough work for everybody,” said Kathleen Trabert, 31, of Moundsville, W.Va. (Jeff Swensen for The Post)
Under Trump, the once-forgotten Ohio Valley boomed — until this year.
All nonessential businesses were ordered closed for a month amid fears that cases could overwhelm British hospitals.
The White House directed the distribution of 23 million hydroxychloroquine tablets, setting aside mandatory safety controls.
The western edge of the Brooks Range is the backdrop for Esieh Lake in northwest Alaska. Lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolation are difficult in rural Alaska. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)
For months, Alaska’s remote, mostly Indigenous rural communities protected themselves from the coronavirus through restrictions on travel and local health measures. Once the virus arrived, though, conditions enabled it to spread like wildfire. 
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
The 1864 vote was a cliffhanger, and in the end, 375 absentee ballots cast by Civil War soldiers made the difference.
The 17-year-old is accused of killing two men and injuring a third during a night of unrest in Kenosha, Wis.
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Sean Connery with actress Luciana Paoluzzi during the filming of "Thunderball" in 1965. (AP)
Sean Connery1930–2020
listen-solidPost ReportsPodcast
Post reporter Maura Judkis explains 2020’s peculiar Halloween phenomenon: the mad dash for Home Depot’s decorative 12-foot-tall plastic skeletons.
Forecasters predict “destructive typhoon-force winds” and a storm surge of at least 6½ to 10 feet.
In pointing out falsehoods in a wildly popular story about niche sports, the Atlantic said it was wrong to assign work to Ruth Shalit Barrett, veteran of a 1990s media scandal.
Zoeann Murphy, Lindsey Sitz/The Washington Post
How the election is deepening divisions in a small Pennsylvania town
In the small town of Milford, Pa., neighbors with opposing political views live side by side. Some feel threatened, others are calling for more understanding.
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(Richard Beaven for The Post)
For the first time, Albany County in New York is allowing voters to use any of six early-voting centers. Those who head for the hills are opting to drive farther in hope of risking less exposure to the coronavirus.
The Post has catalogued and organized reader questions about the 2020 election.

National polling average

Biden is leading (+9) the national polling average.

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Average of national polls since Oct. 12 that meet Washington Post standards for transparency and quality. Includes polls by CNN, Economist-YouGov, Fox News, SurveyMonkey-Tableau and Quinnipiac University.

The family of the alleged Nice church assailant Brahim Aouissaoui — father Mohammad, right, sister Aida, left — at the family home near the Tunisian city of Sfax on Friday. (AFP/Getty Images)
Brahim Aouissaoui was described as part of a common story in Tunisia: Odd jobs, frustration and a migrant boat to Europe.
The earthquake, which injured more than 800 people, has led to a rare moment of comity between the leaders of Turkey and Greece.
Dozens have died in street clashes ahead of Ivory Coast’s vote Saturday.
In an article for a magazine published for U.S. diplomats, the former secretary of state says it will take years to reverse the distrust that the past four years have engendered.
Largely White, such groups have stirred violence around the country during this summer’s protests against racial inequity, and in some places have been blamed for intimidating voters during early balloting in the presidential race.
The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in 2018, long before the pandemic forced productions to shut down. (Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)
The already tricky business of contract negotiations has been complicated by the uncertainty of when venues will reopen.
Caseloads have risen since the start of October as part of a national surge that has lifted several states to record highs.
The technology exists for people with visual disabilities to electronically vote from home, but the ability to do so differs from one state to the next. Virginia only started offering the option this year.
The government sought a delay after Fairfax County indicted the officers who killed Ghaisar. Family attorneys argued that the officers will never testify.
Nadine Seiler, 55, the unofficial curator of the memorial between the White House and Black Lives Matter Plaza, takes a photo with a floral arrangement encouraging people to vote. (Nadine Seiler)
The fence around Lafayette Square has become a symbol of America’s racial reckoning. But, since conservative activists tore down its signs in the hours following Amy Comey Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation, it also has become emblematic of the tensions leading up to the Nov. 3 presidential election. 
The men gave no explanation, but school officials and some alumni had resisted calls to take down the Confederate general’s memorial.
In an election year like no other, bars and restaurants and planning candidate-themed food and drink specials to get you through election night.
Shibuya Eatery, from veteran chef Darren Norris, serves expert noodles, skewers and more
From a dog-friendly cemetery to nearby hiking trails, Mass Ave has a little bit of everything.
(Tara Hardy for The Post)
From discussions with the man who killed Osama bin Laden to Nixon’s White House counsel John Dean, a soul-searching exploration of the delicate path forward no matter who wins.
Date Lab
Even in a pandemic, a virtual date was a good way for both to “get back out there.”
“A flawed election is not a failed election,” the scholar said.
One of the premier events in the esports industry concluded in Shanghai with favored DAMWON Gaming defeating dark horse Suning in front of a limited live crowd due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.
While most of the D.C. roster is from abroad, the team said the nine eligible players have registered. Amid the late-season push for a playoff berth, all have voted or are planning to do so.
Before Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) became the first Black woman and Asian American to join a major party ticket, she was a trailblazer in California politics. (Melina Mara/The Post)
Men in power might sympathize with women’s issues, but Kamala Harris knows them by heart.
It clearly bothers the parents, but how do you get her to stop saying that?
‘Upset Daughter’ wants their 90-year-old mom to let them read letters from Dad.
Pre-pandemic get-togethers at a local bar a few nights a week have turned to daily visits.
Gen Z musician Beabadoobee, pictured in Harrow in Greater London, released her debut album, “Fake It Flowers,” on Oct. 16. (Tori Feren for The Post)
Gen Z musician Beabadoobee’s debut album is tinged with ’90s influences and adolescent heartache.
We asked prolific author Stephen King about the best and worst adaptations of his work.
“Like any politician, Biden certainly has particular traits that can be caricatured, but he’s absolutely not the maniacal figure that Carrey is portraying,” says one Obama White House aide.
TV Review
Hugh Laurie is the main reason to watch David Hare’s “Masterpiece” series about dirty politics in London.
The already tricky business of contract negotiations has been complicated by the uncertainty of when venues will reopen.