In a defiant letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh said he would “not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process.” Trump and other Republicans loudly echoed that assessment, with the president saying he is looking forward to a confirmation vote.
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Three former prosecutors said that it’s not surprising to see another woman come forward in such cases; it happens often. Yet they remain wary of Deborah Ramirez’s allegations.
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Turmoil in Congress and the executive branch, spilling onto the Supreme Court, has produced a moment of instability whose waves will affect the midterm elections and potentially the future of the Trump presidency.
The surface of Esieh Lake looks as if it’s boiling. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
The surface of Esieh Lake looks as if it’s boiling. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
The volume of gas wafting from Esieh Lake, set against the austere peaks of the Western Brooks Range, could deliver the climate system another blow if lakes like it turn out to be widespread.
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has criticized the federal response to Hurricane Maria in the past year. Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, who has been pushing for statehood for the commonwealth, called the president's remarks “disrespectful.”
The story must be told.
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President Trump is both on home ground and enemy territory this week, back in his beloved Trump Tower in New York and surrounded by diplomats wary of or sometimes hostile to his “America First” nationalism.
Polling gives a specific example of a place where perceived reality diverges for Americans depending on their political party.
The cartoon published in the Indianapolis Star mocked Ford — the professor who alleged that Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while both were teenagers — for her requests during a back and forth with Republican senators last week.
The hourly raises come as Amazon faces continued scrutiny over the treatment and pay of its workers, particularly in its more than 100 U.S. fulfillment centers with 200,000 employees.
The flare-up in tensions between Russia and Israel marks a turnabout after months of personal diplomacy between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Many critics also directed their anger at the prosecutor, who said he had made a plea deal because the attacker had no prior criminal record and seemed amenable to rehabilitation.
Aldi Novel Adilang, 19, was working alone in a floating fishing hut when its mooring broke.
(JM Rieger/ The Washington Post)
How Republicans are casting doubt on Kavanaugh's accusers
How Republicans are casting doubt on Kavanaugh's accusers
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GOP pushes for swift hearing as Kavanaugh accuser discusses terms for testimony
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Fox News hosts give Trump conflicting advice on Rosenstein
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Throwback Thursday: My fake boyfriend
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