Democracy Dies in Darkness
Cyber Ninjas contractors, hired by the Arizona State Senate, examine ballots from 2020. (Courtney Pedroza for The Post)
State senators will not have to disclose any text messages sent on personal devices, even when dealing with state business, under the new rules.
(Elijah Nouvelage for The Post)
A protest in an Atlanta forest over a police training facility has become the latest flash point between demonstrators and law enforcement after the city was rocked by racial justice protests in 2020.
(Michael Robinson Chávez/The Post)
The town of about 7,000 people, often marketed as Aguas Calientes, agreed to declare a “total strike,” shutting down all businesses in solidarity with the nationwide demonstrations in Peru.
“This nation has gone through too much. We’ve come too far to let that happen,” President Biden said, promising to “veto everything” Republicans try to send to his desk.
(Getty Images and Anna Lefkowitz/The Post)
The New York congressman said he was a star of the team at Baruch College. You would think such a decorated former student athlete would be … remembered.
The truck-sized asteroid, which has been named 2023 BU, will travel just 2,200 miles above the earth’s surface, darting over the southern tip of South America. It is expected to be one of the closest approaches by a near-Earth object on record.
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