President Trump presented China and Russia as competitors that want to realign global power in their interests, and framed a new U.S. national security strategy plan that casts his election as a pivot point from failed economic policies and negotiating strategies.
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Passage of the tax plan is a much-needed win for the president and Republicans, who would have looked ineffective if the bill was defeated. But there are several ways that the measure could backfire.
U.S. district judge nominee Matthew Petersen withdrew his nomination in the wake of an exchange with Sen. John Neely Kennedy (R-La.) last week that went viral. The White House confirmed he has withdrawn his nomination but had no further comment.
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Scores more people were injured, authorities said, when a train traveling on a new route derailed while crossing a bridge above busy Interstate 5, about 40 miles south of Seattle. Those who died were believed to have been on the train and not on the highway.
The territory’s governor ordered agencies to reopen their books and initiate a recount of certified deaths related to the hurricane after weeks of reporting from news outlets pointing to a severe undercount of fatalities.
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The move by Alex Kozinski, a powerful judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, comes days after The Washington Post reported on allegations from 15 women of inappropriate sexual behavior.
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The readout of the call sounded like it was written by a certain someone — exclamation point and all.
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Sean Hannity says the special counsel has to go — but the hosts of “Fox & Friends” say firing Robert S. Mueller III would play into Democrats’ hands.
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The Minnesota Democrat reluctantly said he would resign over multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, but his decision not to set a date is rare and may even been unprecedented in Senate history.
Skipper, who turns 62 on Tuesday, had been with the network for 20 years. ESPN's former president and executive chairman, George Bodenheimer, will take over as acting chairman of the company for 90 days.
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The Pentagon’s confirmation of a $22 million program to analyze “anomalous aerospace threats” was a eureka moment — the first (of presumably many) alien-related secrets that have slipped out of the clenched jaws of the government.
Homicide investigators are probing the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman, whose bodies were found by a real estate agent who was preparing their mansion for an open house.
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Aesthetics first, Melania Trump’s public profile
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Deepak Chopra’s advice for families mourning loss during holidays
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The top 10 fact checks of 2017
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Opinion | I lost an internship after I refused to go to a congressman's house. Here's what I learned.
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