Democracy Dies in Darkness
BIDEN’s first year
President Biden went after Republicans for obstructionism and a lack of agenda while marking one year in office.
Lawyers for former president Donald Trump had asked the justices to put on hold a unanimous ruling from an appeals court, which rejected his assertions of executive privilege and his request to keep secret roughly 800 pages of his papers.
Ann with her father, Jordan Pyles, left, and her mother, Ashlyn Harrell.
As states consider equal shared parenting in custody disputes, one young couple serves as a test case.
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The footage shows what U.S. military leaders observed before wrongly concluding that who — and what — was inside a white Toyota Corolla posed an imminent threat to evacuation efforts in August.
A damaged area in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, on Thursday. (Marian Kupu/AP)
The arrival of the badly needed assistance comes after Tongans cleared part of the runway by hand because equipment was destroyed or inaccessible, according to New Zealand’s defense minister, Peeni Henare.
In 2021, North America was at the epicenter of some of the most intense weather and climate extremes in recorded history.
The question for the PR and ad business is whether a coalition of academics and advocates can get them to cut their ties with fossil fuel companies.
Vaccines arrived via "Operation Warp Speed," but the country moved at a snail's pace on masks and tests.
An underground railroad is emerging to save abandoned hamsters, with foster carers concealing the animals from authorities intent on destroying them.
Hairdressers were also brought to concert halls to provide their services to music-loving customers. (AP)
Beauty salons and fitness centers have been reopened after a strict lockdown to contain the omicron variant, but cultural institutions cannot resume operations yet.
The growing calls to release the report come as a heated state election season gets underway in India and amid a spate of recent calls for violence against Muslims by Hindu nationalists.
Horká, who found fame as part of the group Asonance, was reportedly unvaccinated and had been seeking a recovery pass that opened access to spaces largely limited to immunized people.
The NFL’s attorneys wrote that Gruden “primarily assumed the risk” that his emails could be “possessed and distributed” by the Washington Football Team, among others.
Jerry Mills, an ICU nurse, came to the aid of Ed Fernandes just as Paul Brown Stadium was opening for a playoff game between the Bengals and Raiders.
Six American men, including Sebastian Korda, have a chance of reaching the Australian Open’s second week.