Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Dozens of her former law clerks lined the steps of the grand building to escort the casket of the second female justice for a private ceremony and an open-air viewing for the public. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., red-eyed, praised Ginsburg as "tough" and "compassionate."
People came from across the country to pass her casket.
There is a substantial record of President Trump’s actions that have compounded the perceptions of racism created by his words.
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A worker boards up a business in downtown Louisville on Tuesday. (AFP/Getty Images)
Trump appointees “commandeered” the pre-publication review for political ends, the career official told a court.
Gale Sayers1943–2020
He found wider fame through his friendship with a cancer-stricken teammate, depicted in the TV movie “Brian’s Song.”
Lee Powell/The Washington Post
In all-important Florida, older voters are turning away from Trump 
The 2020 election could all come down to Florida. And the outcome here could depend on what happens in the Tampa Bay area, whose demographics mirror America.
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Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., speaks on Sept. 16. (AP)
The report comes less than a week before President Trump faces former vice president Joe Biden in the first presidential debate.
The former vice president, in front of other aides, suggested Barack Obama gather more intelligence, but he was not opposed to killing the al-Qaeda leader.
The legislation addresses everything from presidential pardons to enforcement of congressional subpoenas, election interference and more.
The FixAnalysis
Creating more seats on the Supreme Court sounds radical. But it’s been seriously considered and even done before.
Thousands of people left homeless after a fire destroyed an overcrowded refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos have been moved to a temporary facility on the island. (AP)
In markedly different styles, the two world leaders traded barbs on the first day of the virtual gathering at the U.N. General Assembly.
The Trump administration wants Russia to agree to a deal before Nov. 3, but the Kremlin has frustrated U.S. diplomats by sitting on a U.S. proposal.
The 66-year-old populist is asking Mexico’s Senate to back a national referendum on bringing them to justice.
A group of almost 60 farmers in Divide County, N.D., showed up at Lane Unhjem’s family farm. (Don Anderson)
When other farmers in North Dakota heard what happened, they immediately halted their own harvesting to go help.
The FBI alleges that Pascale Ferrier of Quebec sent letters to President Trump and corrections officials in Texas signed “Free Rebel Spirit.”
Sunny-day coastal inundation is becoming routine during “flood season” in the Southeast.
A Purple Line overpass sits unfinished in Riverdale Park, near the intersection of Kenilworth Avenue and Route 410, in June. (Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)
The fact that Purple Line Transit Partners' construction contractor is packing up — a complex and massive process — signals that the chances of saving the project’s $5.6 billion, 36-year public-private partnership have grown increasingly bleak. 
You’ll find South American pastries, ube cakes, halvah chocolate chip cookies and more at these spots.
The library reopens on Sept. 24, but much of the building is still closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.
While some cultural institutions remain closed because of covid-19, museums, sculpture gardens and historic sites are beginning to open their doors to socially distanced visitors.
U.S. Attorney General William Barr speaks at a roundtable in Georgia. (Reuters)
The Department of Justice will ask Congress on Wednesday to adopt a new law that could hold Facebook, Google and Twitter legally accountable for the way they handle some controversial content on the web.
The Wednesday meeting comes nearly four months after the president signed an executive order that opened the door for the federal government to oversee the way tech companies police political speech online.
Under the new proposal, the Department of Labor — which has the power to investigate worker complaints about misclassification — said it would adopt a few guidelines to test whether workers should be considered employees or contractors.
The Government Accountability Office recommended that the Treasury Department and the IRS do more to update estimates of eligible recipients who have yet to file for a payment.
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A volunteer receives an experimental coronavirus vaccine being developed by Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson. (Cheryl Gerber/Johnson & Johnson)
The experimental vaccine is the fourth to enter the final stage of testing in the United States.
Morgan Stanley, Walmart and others at NYC's climate week make new vows to cut carbon emissions. Meanwhile General Electric announced it will no longer build new coal-fired power plants.
Climate change is transforming the Arctic into an entirely unfamiliar region, scientists say.
Wyomia Tyus, third from right, crosses the finish line of the women's 100-meter final during the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. (AFP/Getty Images)
Tuesday's fun aside, this season has been a Nationals nightmare. Next season is about bouncing back.
Of the 18 postponements or cancellations, this became the first to involve a team considered a part of the College Football Playoff picture back before spring practice got wiped out.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her husband, Martin. (Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States/AP)
Ginsburg is admired for her legal achievements in gender equality, and her 56-year marriage to Marty put that theory into practice.
Public figures such as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg can feel like family or friends, and it’s important to honor our heartbreak.
The 98-year-old organization ponders leaving its historic riverside home in Alexandria.
The number of President Trump’s accusers has grown since 2016. The attention paid to them has waned.
How to respond to a friend’s blatant lies about her accomplishments.
Longtime spouses have become roommates who don’t even talk to each other.
Misunderstanding could have been avoided if reporter had been upfront about attendance.
From left, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin and Millie Bobby Brown play siblings Sherlock, Mycroft and Enola Holmes in “Enola Holmes.” (Alex Bailey/Legendary)
The latest Holmes flick stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin as siblings Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft.
Movie Review
Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and Evan Rachel Wood play a family of con artists in this funny and unexpectedly poignant tale.
Book Review
The book takes a “Sliding Doors” approach, as a woman, on the heels of a near-death experience, contemplates her next move.
Even political cartoonists, so trained in drawing on deadline, can be caught cold by breaking news. Here’s a sampling of their work.
Book Review
“Where Law Ends: Inside the Mueller Investigation,” by Andrew Weissmann, former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s deputy, sets aside the secrecy that long shielded them, revealing a team of prosecutors whose mission, in their minds, was always in jeopardy.
Depending on whom you ask, it's not as easy or as hard as people say.
The owner of Bludso's in Los Angeles, and a judge on Netflix's "The American Barbecue Showdown" is working on what may be just the third barbecue cookbook by a Black pitmaster.